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I have always wanted to understand more about the world - not about its physical form or its surface, but about the people in it and the reasons why we have come to live the way we do - the reasons for conflict, government decisions and economic developments.

World politics as a whole and relationships between countries particularly interest me, and I am intrigued by the effects of the media on current affairs. Reading Hugh Miles' 'Al-Jazeera' made me realise how influential television and the Internet have become with their worldwide audience.

My awareness of international relations was heightened when I took part in a Model UN conference in March '07. This, as well as being an excellent way to experience team work and improve my public speaking skills, left me wanting to consider large issues such as Third World Aid with a more informed mind and to question pre-conceived conclusions.

I would relish being able to make my decisions and ideas better thought out by studying philosophy. Reading Sartre's lecture on Existentialism and Humanism widened my appreciation of the subject and I am keen now to explore other writers and schools of thought.

Completing coursework on the Stalinist regime in the 1930s Soviet Union was a wonderful opportunity to delve deeper into the reasons and ideology behind massive political and economic upheaval.

This led me to link my personal reading with politics through Orwell's 'Animal Farm'. In Spring '08 I am going on a trip to Russia with my school which should provide considerable insight into such a politically contentious country, and shed new light on Putin's Russia which I have enjoyed reading about in 'The Economist'.

Taking part in the Bank of England's 'Target 2.0' challenge has emphasised how fascinating theories can be when applied to real scenarios. It has also made me consider the influence of monetary policy and the necessity of intervention in an economy.

The experience of working in a group with my peers and applying what we are learning from A Level Economics, and have learned from Higher, is truly rewarding as it allows me to consider fully the effects of what we learn, and deepens my knowledge.

A week of work experience at Baillie Gifford gave me the opportunity to use economics outwith the classroom. During the week I visited all the departments involved in investment management and found each role equally appealing. Analysing share prices was particularly enjoyable.

Attending a lecture in July '07 showed me for the first time how important International Law is, especially in addressing issues such as terrorism where the moral and legal principles of individual countries become difficult to follow.

I learned how to connect with a diverse group of people about political issues as the Labour candidate in our school's mock election in May '07. As the secretary of a Young Enterprise company I gained a sense of life in the business world and of how to improve my organisation. A week of work experience in Germany in '06 developed my communication skills and made me realise how beneficial encountering new situations can be.

I am Form Prefect for a class of 8 year olds and have also volunteered to help younger pupils in their history lessons once a week, improving their learning and so hopefully consolidating my own.

The Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Award, which I aim to finish in July '08, has allowed me to take part in new experiences as well as continue those I already enjoy. I helped out at my local Pony Club as part of this, which also contributed towards completing the Community Sports Leadership Award.

Since I was four years old, I have committed to weekly dance lessons and I would love to continue dance at university.

I feel that I would be well suited to a course allowing me to pursue my interest in subjects underlying society and shaping the world's development and look forward to the academic excitement of university.

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i don't know how you write where you're applying to, so i'll say it here: glasgow,st andrews,durham,warwick,oxford.unconditional from glasgow, rejection frmo warwick, interview from oxford and no other replies yet


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