Economics and Finance Personal Statement Example 1

The crucial importance and relevance of economics related disciplines to the modern world have led me to want to pursue the study of these social sciences at a higher level. My experiences of A-Level Economics has shown me the fundamental part it plays in our lives and I would like to approach it with an open mind - interested but not yet fully informed

Having spent half of my life in India I have direct experience of two very different lifestyles making me more eager and enthusiastic to investigate other ways of life from a macro perspective. After completing my A-Levels, I hope to travel to Germany with a few friends in order to find out more of this culture and improve my German. Due to my different experiences, I am multilingual and can speak fluent Hindi and Gujarati

In the Sixth Form, I regularly attend the school Debating Society, where I jointly hold the senior most position and organise many school charity events in my Senior Prefect role of Charities Coordinator. In the past, this has included raising nearly GBP3000 on the behalf of an Indian Cultural Society Fashion Show for the Indian earthquake. I was involved in the establishing of the first ever Student School Council in which I was Year Representative

Last year, I was involved in designing a roof for a proposed Tate Modern extension in a project sponsored by architecture firm Ove Arup

For this, I gained a Crest 'Gold' Award but more importantly the opportunity to investigate something from a technical point of view, thus branching away from my mainly unscientific subject base

The demanding nature of the work has given me an added sense of responsibility but also of pride, fulfilment, and greater appreciation for hard work, ultimately making me more mature and dependable

My other hobbies are equally varied, including Badminton, Club Cricket, and helping in the production of plays such as Bugsy Malone and The Threepenny Opera at school. Thanks to my love of reading, I have in the past written book reviews for The Asian Age newspaper

I take pride in and put effort into all my work, whether academic or not. I find virtually all the work I am currently undertaking demanding in terms of time, but in all other respects reasonably straightforward

I hope that during the course of this brief statement, I have convinced you of my interest and dedication to a further course of study. I believe that I will make a valuable contribution to your institution and hope that I may have an opportunity to prove this to you.

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heya! its quite good...though

heya! its quite good...though i think it didnt ocnvey your eager to get into uni and study uni. anyways um yeah try and put more about ur diff culture and stuff but its quite good!

see i thought so how ever

see i thought so how ever good u try there will alwayz be criticism look my friend u have an A from me i love it dear

dude gud.. not amazin..

dude gud.. not amazin..
but like it deteriorates really fast from the opening..

the opening you have is really good buh then the paras become short.. very short.. and quite a lot of wrong grammar is used

For me there's waaaaay to

For me there's waaaaay to much of a fixation on extra ciriculars!! they're good to have but 75% of the PS is about them too much in my opinion. i would be interested to know which uni this dude got into

i think the opening is v.good

i think the opening is v.good and i dont know why this PS only got 2 star ratings because it is not bad at all. People need to be critical but not insultive and if they are going to be critical they should add in suggestions too rather than just nit picking....Writing a PS isnt the easiest thing to do.....

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