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At the age of fourteen, I began to assist my father to deal with family business which was a printing business for all kinds of advertisements, books and newspapers. In 2006, I attended the China International Exhibition for All Printing Technology and Equipment which was undertaken in Shanghai with my father. After meeting with many manufacturers and examining a series of advanced equipments made in Germany, United Kingdom and the United States, my father asked me, "How do you think about them? Whose equipments we should buy?" "You know these days the market of printing is more competitive. We may think about becoming agency for the manufacturers, to sell the equipments and accessories and to maintain them. Having engaged in print for nearly twenty years and built up a reputation in our hometown, you are familiar with the status of print, the market demand, the technology and companies and government entities which related with print."However, it is more important to learn the advanced business knowledge and system of those manufactures than to purchase the equipments. I am bound to gain the most advanced economic knowledge."Yes, you are right." My father agreed. “What we really need is not better equipment, but the people equipped with advanced knowledge will face new challenges."

With this in mind as well as an outstanding College Entrance Examination grade.I chose International Economics and Trade as my major in Qingdao Technological University Qindao College, one of the best known universities in China. I was ranked the seventh in my grade of 134 students in total in the first year. I also participated many practices, one of them was the program of “Run a Mini-market in the Campus, during which I had learned the whole process of running a mini-market, gathering business information, managing the staff and operations and organizing logistics. My report comprised of four sections: "how to locate a place"; "what are the requirements"; "how to manage and publicize" and "how to compare with others". It helped me win a prize from my professor for this program and gain respect from my classmates. The practice boosted my interest to explore how to do business in a globalization environment. My professor told me that studying abroad was the best way to acquire the most advanced knowledge and enrich my experience for participating in international business.

Born a curious person, I know what I need most is to learn from the outside world. So after one year university experience, enjoying sense of the recognition of university and family business, I want to acquire the advanced knowledge which is the most essential foundation for being an international business leader. It is my dream that is to be a successful business leader. One day, I hope I could come to fame in the world depend on the knowledge and my effort.

As a dynamic figure, a quick learner and one of the ambitious breeds, I now stand ready to pursue advanced studies and scale grander heights in my career. All the hands-on experiences from my family and university have provided me necessary background knowledge for undertaking economics studies and greatly enhanced my ability to face unexpected challenges and adapt to new situations. It is firmly convinced that your admission will be my first step towards success and will make my dream come true.

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nice one...

i like the ending very much because it's bold :-), it helps alot thx

it would be grateful anyone

it would be grateful anyone who contact with above mentional address

It is clear you hold your

It is clear you hold your self in a very high regard


Fantastic blog post.Much thanks again. Keep writing.

This is overzealous and

This is overzealous and cringey, any admissions officer looking at this will just think you're a charlatan, your anecdote doesn't make sense, the fact that you've written that it is your dream to become a successful businessman is quite frankly embarrassing. I suspect that Oxbridge threw your application straight in the reject pile.

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