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One look at the world around us and we can instantly see how vital a role economics plays in every aspect of life. A fleeting glimpse of a newspaper headline or the core section of the evening news will tell you that economics influences nearly everything we do and think.

Although I have assiduously enjoyed my study of Economics at A Level, I am now finding the models overly simplistic and superficial in their approach and long for something much more concrete. During A Level Further Maths I particularly enjoyed the Game Theory module of D2; I pursued this further and studied Yale Game Theory lectures online; a style of learning I found highly engaging and enjoyable.

Before starting Economics at A Level, Maths was my passion yet I never quite understood the practical application of some of the more abstract studies; such things, I argued were more use as a pastime than a career. Recently I began reading ‘Financial Calculus’ by Baxter and Rennie, which I found to be a valuable insight into the world where mathematics can be applied to the study of economics; an area I hope to further my understanding of at university.

Last January, I got the chance to experience lively economic debate regarding the 2008 Global Financial Crisis at Harvard Model United Nations. Prior to the conference, I was required to research past UN resolutions in depth and compose a working paper of viable solutions from the perspective of my nominated country, Egypt. As the delegate for Egypt during their time of political instability, it was even more crucial that I incorporated current events into my argument for a solution for future regulation. This task involved gaining an in-depth knowledge of global economics, particularly the complexities pertaining to LEDCs, and an understanding of how the economic policy of one country can influence another’s.

Over the last few years I have combined my enthusiasm for Maths, Economics and Computing to create iPhone applications, Flash games and websites, both personal and business. I have gained essential experience by presenting to a board of company directors and developed key skills such as how to write persuasively, analytically and explanatorily. Through learning various programming languages, I have become competent in self-teaching by way of online articles and books; a skill that particularly complements university study.

During my summer holiday, I attended a two-day course on Securities and Investments in preparation for my work experience at a fund management company. At the end of the week, I had to present what I had learned to a highly experienced group of investors. This was a perfect way to test my ability to absorb complex material in a very short period of time, as well as confirming the nature of work I hope to eventually perform.

For five years I have taught lifesaving and diving to young children and teenagers, as well as being dive team captain and a PADI Rescue Diver for three years. This, in conjunction with presenting economic arguments to students from many different cultures at Harvard, has given me a capability to communicate to a plethora of audiences, abilities and ages. My work on the Sixth Form Council this year has encompassed budgeting for events and planning a move into a new building as well as engaging in lively debates regarding school issues. I have been a member of Mensa since 2006 and find it an unrivalled source of economic discussions and ideas, which I find thoroughly engaging and diverse especially with regard to global economics; I have furthered my knowledge on these subjects by reading The Economist, Financial Times and Money Week.

I believe I have the intellectual curiosity and strength of character to be a successful undergraduate in my chosen area of study; I hope to gain a thorough understanding of the way national economies interact and how local decisions can contribute towards a much more global and interconnected economic development.

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