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Over the last few years, my interests and experiences have been life changing in every way. I lived in three different countries and was lucky to receive an education in three different languages. I am originally from Azerbaijan. When I was 15 old I went to the US as an exchange student for a year. This was the most difficult year in my life. I lived with a local family and had to study in a foreign language at the local school. After a year in America I joined my family in Moscow. This year of life in cold Russia changed me in terms of being social and making friends. I had to show my strengths and interests in order to gain friendship of people of different nationality and culture as well as learning my second foreign language. In 2005 I decided to go to university in the UK and came to Bristol. During this time I have learned new languages, gained independence and realised how friends and family are important. In fact now I can speak Azerbaijani, Turkish, Russian and English fluently.

I feel that my studies, especially in mathematics, have prepared me well for a degree course in economics. I would like to apply my knowledge to real world situations like fluctuations and instability on the market, inflation and exchange rates, which are all known to all of us but not understood deeply. Also it is interesting how politics and international relations are affected by economics. I was convinced that economics is actually playing its role in everyone's life after reading Choice and Consequence by Thomas C. Schelling.

My A-level studies have trained me to think from analytical, economical and financial prospectives. I have come to realize that most of these factors are very important in our lives today. In my A-level subjects I have learnt taught knowledge like mathematics and physics and also more widely applicable analytical skills that are crucial in order to answer questions in business studies and Russian. Both analysis and theoretical skills are very important to Economics.

One of my main interests is mathematics. I have found my enjoyment for it has increased as the depth of my understanding has grown. The A-Level mathematics course has given me valuable skills: the ability to take a worded problem and convert it into a mathematical one and the knowledge of a wide variety of mathematical concepts. The study of mathematical sciences has also intrigued me for many years.

Sutton Trust Summer School gave me more confidence in applying to university and doing something mathematics related. One week of university and all the social activities gave me a feeling of being a student. In addition to summer school I have taken part in the Access to Bristol scheme which was provided by the widening participation team at the University of Bristol.

After finishing my AS exams I worked for a charity organization in Azerbaijan which deals with people who suffered from war all over our planet. The opportunity to work with professional Research Fellows from Leonard Cheshire Centre Conflict Recovery based in University College London enabled me to gain experience in analytical work and carry out research as well as communicating with disabled people and children in Azerbaijan.

Socialising is important to me because going out and spending time with my friends helps me to stop concentrating on studies only. Apart from this I am interested in non-fiction. I have recently enjoyed 101 Things to do till the revolution by Claire Wolfe and Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt.

I am enthusiastic about the challenges that I will face in higher education. I would like to continue my education in post graduate study, spending some time doing research and analysis. I will be the first person to go to university in my family, and graduating with a good degree will be a great achievement for me and a proud moment for my family.

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This personal statement was written by oa7130 for application in 2006.


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u bn thru a lot m8..... ur statements gd tho... but its not gna help me much coz my lifes so diff 2 urs lol... but its really gd.

well done

Salam oa7130:)... If it is

Salam oa7130:)... If it is not a secret, which universities offered u a place after this statement?

Thanks for comments! I

Thanks for comments! I received offers from all unis I applied to: Reading, City, Edinburgh, Bristol, Sheffield and Royal Holloway.

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