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Economics is a fundamental part of society whether this involves governments allocating their scarce resources in favour of education as opposed to the NHS, or as simple as an individual trying to figure out how best to spend their limited income; utilising limited resources is such a pervasive part of everyday life. This all encompassing nature of economics is key to why I want to further my understanding of the subject. My passion for economics stems from reading and watching issues concerning situations that have affected whole countries, governments, business, right down to the individual. From the hyper inflation rate in Zimbabwe to the bankruptcy of international banks and finally to the repossession of hundreds of thousands of houses in the UK, economics has been a headline subject in my life so far. Every time I pick up a newspaper or watch the news, economics is there. The opportunity to study this diverse and dynamic subject is a huge desire and ambition of mine, as it plays such a big role in the world we live in and impacts upon everyone and everything.
This fascination led me to choose my subjects; studying economics has underpinned my desire to go further in the area, introducing me to key concepts it has aided me to think analytically. Studying politics has allowed me to see the deeper implications of economic policy, allowing me to add an extra dimension to what I learnt in economics broadening my knowledge of the subject. I'm aware of the requirements for Mathematics at this degree. Maths has allowed me to approach abstract theory with a logical mind set and improved my cognition of analytical processes.
I view university as a challenge in which I am eager to succeed to the best of my abilities. I am aware that a number of fundamental skills are required to be successful at degree level and beyond. As the managing director of a Young Enterprise company I was able to gain new key skills; leadership was vital to success, business acumen and a problem solving mindset allowed me to take my team to the regional finals and win. Successfully completing the Duke of Edinburgh Silver award gave me vital experience of independence and self reliance something that will be key when studying at university, it also greatly improved my organizational skills; planning routes and rationing were vital. Being part of the school council and a buddy to the lower years gave me responsibility with was extremely rewarding.
The interpretation of current affairs allows for differing opinions which leads to debates, something that I relish. Being chosen to attend a model UN conference in London allowed me to debate current contemporary issues in this case from the perspective of Sweden. This gave me a valuable insight into international countries and their economies. Along with debating I am keen to understand various (though sometimes controversial) economic opinions, 'Globalization and Its Discontents' by Joseph Stiglitz gave me a more informed outlook on global economic policy. Whilst working as a Sous Chef at a hotel in the summer I was able to see principals of economics applied seeing marginal product increase when extra labour was employed, division of labour was apparent is the various departments.
To be at the forefront of government economics I am aware various steps need to be taken, though armed with my natural affinity with economics, evolving knowledge and inquisitive mindset, I'm determined to continue to question, discover and understand the economic world I live in.The pieces of the puzzle are assembling, university is another key piece in the puzzle.

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left this to the last minute and did it in a week, got alot of help of this site so i thought id give something back. Got offers for most places just waiting for surrey now.


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your statemnt is really good

your statemnt is really good and original
was wondering what uni offers did you get

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