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Humanity today stands at the intersection of the most significant questions facing the world today: if democracy leads to political infighting, should it be sacrificed in the interest of economic well-being? Does religious fundamentalism provide a way for countries in the developing world to assert their identity in the face of Western hegemony? Does the entry of Western consumer goods threaten a country’s economic self-sufficiency?

The answers of these questions will determine what the nature of our world is in the twenty-first century. Such questions have compelled me to seek an understanding of the forces that drives world politics and economy.

What fascinates me about politics is the way it weaves the past and the present, facts and legends and personal anecdotes and memories into a fine tapestry. I believe by getting down to basics of political theories as concrete personal experience I will acquire the skills to solve practical problems with a new and fresh outlook.

I am particularly interested in the way that philosophy influences political ideology which in turn influences economic policy and therefore, I opted to study a combination of these subjects at university.

The shocking statistics of global economic fluctuations and my discovery that without a positive attitude towards globalization there cannot be transformation of any country into a superpower built my interest in global economic development and my desire to be actively involved in this area in the future.

I believe that the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others therefore I readily joined the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme when it was introduced in my school in Dubai. It was an exquisite platform through which I won the hearts of many through selfless service.

The DEAS silver award I got is among the recognitions that is closest to my heart. As a part of the ‘Food Donation Campaign’ organized by the DEAS chapter of my school, I was lucky enough to donate 200 kilograms of rice grains by collecting them from people from well-off localities and donating them to laborers who face difficulty in making two ends meet.

I am also an active member of the Face to Faith organization which works under the patronage of Tony Blair’s Faith Foundation. My active participation in Face to Faith by blogging in the F2F website and participating in video conferences with various students abroad representing various faiths and cultures has made me understand the need of religious tolerance and inter-cultural harmony and accommodation in today’s contemporary world.

During my tryst with the Best Buddies International and volunteering for the various activities initiated by the Special Needs Foundation in Dubai I realized how children who think differently are also part of our world and their thoughts hold a lot of value. I am also a member of the Amnesty international.

I realized that mathematics would be an integral part of my future and joined the Mu Alpha Theta mathematics honor society and stood first in the first set of examinations conducted by the society in my school. I loved the art of debating and always took part in every contest possible and joined the debate club in my school.

I have won medals in the world scholar’s cup contests set up by Demi Dec over the years and even qualified for international rounds.

I was selected as a delegate for the ‘Proud to Be an Indian 2014’ which consisted Non-Resident Indian students from the gulf region who were selected on the basis of a written test and a personal interview. I was honored to be able to witness the 65th Republic Day celebrations of India from the along with the President and the Prime Minister of India.

I was also lucky enough to interact with the President of India Mr. Pranab Mukherjee in his official residence and discussed with him about what young Indians can do for the development of the nation.

I offer tutoring services to primary school children in Mathematics and Arabic language to develop skills of self-dependence at an early stage of life itself. Prompted by my erudition in Biology and my passion to guide my school assigned to me the task of supporting my peers who are weak in the subject as a part of the remedial classes program.

Leading my peers was something I took up as my responsibility and got nominated as a House Captain in charge of managing about students who were in my house and leading the house during Inter-House events.

I enjoy reading and I find pride in describing myself as a voracious reader. Since I can read four languages my bucket of books has reached its brim. I stand up for the fact that to think and to apply critical reading is a must. My hobbies also includes film making and playing volleyball. I have been a member of my school volleyball team for the past four years.

I believe being nurtured in a multicultural environment both in Dubai and India have led to me being an accommodative. As a consequence of this I benefited by gaining insight into different traditions and diverse cultures, and an advancement in my linguistic abilities.

This granted me the ability to adapt to different environments swiftly and comfortably, which would explain my enthusiasm for meeting new people. Moreover, the contrast in the living standards in these different environments has shown me the importance of a good social policy and efficient governance.

I postulate that studying at a reputed university will provide the quintessential environment in which I can bolster and validate my grasp of such a discipline. With my hardworking and persevering nature anticipate spending the next few years of my life completely immersed in as many aspects of politics as possible.

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This personal statement was written by araone for application in 2015.

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The University of Huddersfield

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