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Upon the opening of any quality newspaper, one would find that economic and political news dominate the headlines, but upon deeper reading it can be seen that the foundations of all human thought and actions have been shaped by philosophical theories.

The unification of these three subjects is one of the reasons why I want to pursue PPE at degree level. I have always been interested in the modern world, but the decision to apply for this course strengthened with the 2011 UK summer riots, which made me question how a society can reach a point where looting and violence was deemed justifiable by some members of the public.

My curiosity for Philosophy and Politics originated from reading George Orwell’s book 'Nineteen Eighty-Four'. I was aggrieved by the totalitarian ideology of ‘The Party’ and the suppression of the thoughts and freedoms of society.

My interest in Philosophy was furthered when I watched Stephanie Flanders’ programme 'Masters of Money' about Karl Marx, showing me that economic theory can be backed by philosophical reasoning and that the subjects complement each other. Listening to Michael Sandel’s radio series 'The Public Philosopher', I was challenged to think critically about important issues facing society such as discrimination, the class system and income inequality.

My A-Levels of Economics, Mathematics and Psychology are all relevant to this degree. I have been intrigued to learn the theories which explain how an economy functions and I have debated some of the economic worries facing us today, such as market failures and the misallocation of resources leading to poverty and inequality.

Economics has taught me how to analytically explain my answers and has given me the ability to construct coherent arguments. Through Mathematics I have learnt logical thinking and the statistical skills I have developed have aided my economic progress. The skills I have acquired in Psychology have enabled me to make critical judgements to gain different perspectives on a question.

In Year 12 I was Finance Director in my school’s Young Enterprise company; the perfect opportunity to put my economic theory into practice. This was my first taste of a real business environment and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of having the responsibility of managing the company’s finances.

Currently, I am involved in the national competition Target 2.0, giving me the chance to take the role of the MPC and to assess the economic conditions to reach a decision on the outlook for inflation.

Building on my financial knowledge from Young Enterprise, I undertook work experience, first spending a week at Freestyle Interactive, a digital agency, learning how to use the company’s accounting software and managing customer accounts. I also had a week’s work experience at PSA Peugeot Citroen.

As PSA is a global company, there was a stark contrast between the two firms. Although I had knowledge of statements and invoices, PSA used different accounting software so I learnt a new way of inputting data.

In my spare time I enjoy reading and through this I have appreciated books such as 'An Introduction to Political Philosophy' and 'Invitation to Philosophy'. I also love to swim and for 11 years I have been part of my local swimming club.

Due to this, for the past two years I have volunteered at my club helping to teach other children to swim. Educating others using the skills and knowledge I have acquired is very rewarding and this has improved my communication skills with younger children. When I am not studying, I work as a lifeguard at my local leisure centre.

Through this I have developed a tremendous amount of knowledge and have learnt a vast array of life skills, such as first aid. This is an invaluable aptitude to have as it can be used anywhere and in any situation.

The study of these three interdisciplinary subjects will provide me with knowledge of so many aspects which will open up endless opportunities to grasp with both hands, making this, above all else, the most exciting reason for studying at university.

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I don't think its the best personal statement ever and unfortunately I had to cut a lot out to make it fit the 4000 characters so some parts are a bit brief, but oh well it got me into 5 universities!
I thought I'd put my P.S on here as this website helped me when I wrote mine so I've returned the favour :)


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