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Economics is the social science concerned with the allocation of resources and the opportunity cost of said resources. I find this rational thinking very relatable as I always consider all of my options and weigh up the pros and cons in whatever I do. I enjoy economics largely because of this cogent chain of reasoning; such as within the price mechanism and the way it can be used to alter the behaviour of consumers. There is a straight-forward logic to it that I find captivating. I regard finance as a common language between Economics and Business, both are intertwined with the core disciplines of the subject and I believe finance would give me the competency to seamlessly incorporate my maths skills with my desire to understand the economy. Studying Economics and Finance will broaden my postgraduate horizons and allow me to continue my ambitions in the Business and Finance sector.

To further my knowledge of economics and society as well as to help prepare myself for university, I have attended many lectures at LSE. These helped me see the economic practices I have learned about and their practicality in real life. In particular, a lecture on macroeconomic austerity really made me question the policies placed by the Western governments, as the speaker talked about how economic theory states that austerity wouldn't be able to stimulate the economy enough in order to remove us from our large deficit. This led to me reading the book 'Freakonomics' which takes Economic theory and applies it to more outside the box scenarios. I thought the cause-and-effect line of thinking in the book was very logical and a relevant parallel example of the current government's policy changes, which below the surface affect more than just the choices of firms and consumers. The concepts in the book cover society's actions after a stimulant. The manipulation of society by the government is a part of Economics I find particularly compelling.

Two years ago I was interviewed for a place on The Young Apprentice. While I was not successful in gaining a place, it taught me how competitive the world was, and how I'd have to take initiative to succeed. Currently, I am part of a tutoring program teaching Year 11 students Maths. The experience emphasized how vital planning, patience and the ability to adapt are, when sharing ideas and knowledge with others.

I have had many other work placements; ranging from an optician's, to an estate agents. I'm currently an employee at McDonalds, where my duties include providing exemplary customer service. This was my first true insight into how firms operate, along with one of the more refined and perfected versions of division of labour. Last summer I arranged a work experience for myself in CEMEX, one of the UK's largest cement suppliers, where I received firsthand experience in a multinational firm. Every weekend that I'm free I attempt to organise 12 indecisive teenage boys for a game of football at the local astroturf pitches. Each week I persevere and practice to achieve my goal of becoming one of the better players on the team. Football has developed my communication skills greatly - through the efficient organising and the game itself. Overall I am very competitive person, this motivates me to challenge and push myself in order to beat my competitors.

We have been lucky to live through times of prosperity and depression, giving us a true view of the broad spectrum of what the economy can offer. I look forward to learning about Economics and Finance at a degree level where I hope to immerse myself within the challenges of University and become an integral part of its community, along with its many clubs and societies. At the same time as surrounding myself in the necessary knowledge to further my understanding of the intricate system of the economy, achieve my goals, and discovering what it is that needs to be done to achieve prosperity once again.

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This personal statement was written by nikt1000 for application in 2000.

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I used many different personal statements and guides to influence mine. I used this to gain offers from 4 universities (Surrey, Loughbrough, Kent, York) all with AAB offers bar Kent with a ABB offer.


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