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I have an Austrian father and an Australian mother. I was born in Thailand and grew up in various third world countries around Asia due to my parents’ involvement in humanitarian aid work. From an early age, this sparked a deep curiosity about the way the world works and given me a good understanding of different cultures, traditions and languages. I developed a keen interest in economic studies, first on a microeconomic level and then on a global and macroeconomic level and I knew without a shadow of a doubt that economics was what I wanted to study at university.

Questions like “why are there import tariffs” and “why don’t governments in debt just print money” puzzled me and drove me to look for answers within economic textbooks. The Invisible Hand metaphor introduced by Adam Smith and the fact that economic factors are so interrelated where one imbalance causes a ripple effect in the overall equilibrium is intriguing and is what sold me on studying this particular discipline.

I believe that economics is an essential building block for understanding the way the world operates and I’m excited about learning the intricacies and theories that economics presents. The game theory in particular has fascinated me since I was introduced to it, and I’m keen to explore topics like this in greater detail in University. Additionally, since we are at such a crucial time in world events, I’m eager to understand more about how Economic theories apply, especially to the recent events in the Eurozone.

Choosing to study an Access course in Economics at Birkbeck has been the best thing I could have done, as it satiated my appetite for learning and whetted it to delve deeper into this fascinating field. Having always loved Maths, I’m looking forward in particular to the Quantative Economic Methods module that I will be taking in April. Using economic principles and translating them into real numbers and figures is an exciting concept and I’m looking forward to high grades with this course.

I’m also looking forward to the social aspect that your University offers, including sports, societies and networking with other students. I am a member of my University’s gym, and enjoy the sports and swimming facilities. I make the most of discovering everything that London has to offer, and especially enjoy visits to Hampton Court, the Natural History Museum and various exhibitions. I love travelling and visiting new countries and seeing different cultures.

I am currently working at Fitch Ratings in an administrational department whilst studying my access course at evening classes. I’m pleased to be working at such an established global rating agency and appreciate the professional environment and I use any opportunity to immerse myself in the wealth of knowledge available here. The high level of commitment required for working fulltime and studying part-time is training me to develop disciplined habits and a focused mindset which I know will assist me whilst studying fulltime.

In Jordan, I was able to participate in some volunteer activities which included food distribution and organising fun days for underprivileged children, which I believe has helped to develop my character. Seeing firsthand the culture and way of life of these people has increased and broadened my economic and social awareness. I am also interested in economic incentive based social programs like microfinance and would be keen to understand how Economic theories might apply to such programs.

My aspirations upon graduation from university would be to advance my studies in a similarly themed Masters program or work in international development. I plan on taking internships throughout the summer breaks to gain more work experience and help me fund my student lifestyle. I am looking forward to learning and developing in various economic subjects and am excited about the opportunities that I’ll have both as a student and once I graduate.

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This personal statement was written by Amethyst for application in 2012.

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London School of Economics
City University
Queen Mary, University of London
School of Oriental and African Studies
University College London

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what grades did you get, if

what grades did you get, if you dont mind me asking


I would very much appreciate if you would tell us what Uni you went and with what grades. I see that you have two of the Unis I want to attend, City and Queen.
And another question if you don't mind. Which one was your top choice and which was was your safety.

Thank you very much.

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