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When asked 'Why do you want to study economics?' I have always struggled to find a concise answer. There are so many reasons why I would want to study the subject, and this made explaining such an answer quite difficult. What attracts me most to economics is that it has both the qualities of an art and a science; it gives me the satisfaction of thinking clearly and logically while providing enough freedom for intelligent debates to be made, and because of this, I would relish the opportunity to study it in depth.

Having studied mathematics and economics at A Level, I have been able to comprehend the application of quantitative methods in the degree, such as the use of regression analysis to predict the amount taxed on a good due to its demand, which I had learned when watching lectures online. It is techniques like these that cause my strong interest in mathematical modules such as econometrics, and I am keen on expanding my knowledge in similar areas as well as others. I have always desired to have a wider knowledge of economics, and have done so by reading financial newspapers, being a subscriber to 'Economic Review' and watching news daily to keep up with issues such as the government's spending review. I have read numerous books on the subject, and the one I enjoyed most was 'Globalization and its Discontents' by J Stiglitz. My reason for this is because I saw how economics was being practised and the adverse effects it was having on developing countries, such as the East Asian crisis, but I believe the book could have been improved if it focused more on the issues of globalization rather than the flaws of the financial bodies in America. Being so committed to economics outside of school and studying it at A Level has helped me appreciate the diverse methods used in the subject and I am eager to know more.

I also have a part time job at a London real estate agency where I am involved in the marketing and evaluation of local properties, handling of customer enquiries and meetings where ways to improve sales are derived from the study of data. Being part of such a firm has taught me how to work under pressure independently and has given me a strong insight into how economics is applied to the real world, such as witnessing the use of the cost plus pricing theory. This has strengthened my desire to study economics at a deeper level as I would love to grasp such theories in more detail.

Beyond my involvement with economics, I enjoy a mixture of sports from athletics to cricket and currently captain my local basketball team. I am also part of a music club where I control and organise meetings with members and suggest innovative methods that could be used to recruit more youths. As well as being part of a duo that composed a musical piece featured on the national television show 'Must Be The Music', my club and I also managed to attend a speech made by our MP and discuss social issues, such as ways to reduce crime for the betterment of our area, where matters like the recession and its effect on society had to be considered. Having such commitments outside of my studies has helped me understand the true definition of teamwork. These activities developed my confidence to engage in group discussions as well as enhancing my organisational skills, and this is the sort of attitude I will definitely employ when studying at university.

I am enthused by the thought of studying economics, and looking forward to integrating the skills that I have obtained from my past experiences into my degree; hopefully in doing so, I can gain as much as possible from my course while benefiting the university environment.

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Economics (BSC) at The University of Essex

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