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For a number of years, I have had a keen interest in events and occurrences throughout the world; I have always tried to keep up-to-date with current affairs, and recently have found stories concerning economic issues becoming increasingly appealing.

Economics is a subject which is particularly relevant to the modern world which we live in, and within the subject, I find myself predominantly attracted to macro-economical areas - the effects of variations in interest rates and inflation, international trade, and so on.

Reading related books and magazines has strengthened my interest in the subject; I regularly read `The Economist', and have also read David Smith's `Free Lunch: Easily Digestible Economics', which provided me with a valuable starting point for further study.

I feel that my studies, especially in mathematics, prepare me well for a degree-level course in economics. The course has given me valuable skills: the ability to take a worded problem and convert it into a mathematical one and the knowledge of a wide variety of mathematical concepts.

The coursework elements of German and computing have provided me with the opportunity to develop skills which will be invaluable on a course of undergraduate study. German in particular requires extensive research and the gathering, collating and synthesising of information from different sources.

The computing coursework consists of creating an IT-based solution to an extensive, business-related, problem. This helps to develop problem-solving capabilities, with the need to evaluate several potential methods of implementing the proposed solution.

I am enthusiastic about the challenges that I will face, and the chance to improve my skills beyond those acquired during my A-Level courses of study, especially as I have not formally studied economics before. Upon completion of the course, I hope to pursue a career in the field, probably embarking on a career in either the Civil Service or the Bank of England.

Last year, I was part of a team which took part in the national Young Enterprise scheme, in which students set up and run a pseudo-company: selling products to consumers, managing accounts, having shareholders, etc.

The scheme, although we had some difficulties along the way, has given me a valuable insight into the running of business, and decisions that they must undertake. After completing a web-design project in Year 10, a local company asked me, in conjunction with another student, to design and maintain their internet site.

This has required a number of meetings with the managing staff, and gave me a glimpse into the operating of a real company, and how they must present information to forge links with other businesses and investors.

Outside of school, I have recently completed my bronze Duke of Edinburgh's award, and am close to completing the silver section.

This has been invaluable in developing teamworking and problem solving skills. I am also an assistant leader at a local cub pack, and will be applying for formal leader status after my 18th birthday.

This connection has allowed me the opportunity to learn about the behaviour of children; suitable activities for them to undertake; and how to present these activities in an interesting, yet educational way.

I look forward to becoming involved in all aspects of university life, not only academically, but also socially; I feel that I would benefit greatly from a place in university.

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the second paragraph is the

the second paragraph is the best bit ive seen in any personal statement so far. it helped me a lot - thanks

hello, i have read through

hello, i have read through this statement and it sounds very good i must say. however, how do you expect to become an adult cub leader in your local scout pack after age 18 when this is the age at which you will be leaving your local area to go to university, probably in a different part of the country. After 18 you will only be able to spend a maximum of 10 months with your cub pack as an adult leader. This may be your intention, i am unaware of your current situation.

sorry if any offence has been caused but i thought it best to highlight this fact to you.



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