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Society is a concept that has always fascinated me, as it is the fundamental manifestation of human existence. Its nature is defined by the prevalent political and economic conditions, which have global impact. My daily analysis of current affairs, through means of the Guardian and online publications, reveals the validity of this perception - take the political-military quagmire of Iraq or the class conflict in Latin America. These examples show how the political and economic doctrines pursued by governments affect the lives of so many through warfare, trade and diplomacy.

A great concern for the social impact of these factors underlines my desire to study social sciences. In particular, the field of political economy enthralls me with its focus on the inseparable nature of politics and economics. Only the insight afforded multi-disciplinary approach will allow me to effectively question and expand upon the theories of this area of study and understand the development of society.

My A-level studies display my ability to reconcile scientific with artistic study, a quality I wish to expand upon with my study of social sciences. The sciences have given me an insight into scientific rationale and provided me with skills of quantitative analysis. Economics has fostered my increased interest in political economy whilst acquainting me with the basic postulates and methodology of modern economics. History has provided valuable social context to my studies, developed my essay writing ability and improved my skills of qualitative analysis.

Though I have never had the chance to study philosophy, I appreciate that it provides the basis for understanding the motives behind political decision making. The rationale of thought and logical analysis conferred by a study of philosophy will give me a valuable tool for analysing economic and political phenomena coherently.

Background reading relating to a variety of topics including politics, society and philosophy has broadened my horizons and motivated me to challenge assumptions. Wages, Price and Profit by Marx and the Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith have familiarised me with the rudiments of political economy. The Development of Capitalism in Russia by Lenin has complemented my study of Tsarist Russia. Novels by George Orwell and Primo Levi have revealed the micro impact of macro policy while Philip Pullman, who challenges the role of religion in society and questions the nature of existence, has encouraged my interest in philosophy.

Working as my local village hall caretaker has developed my organisational skills and imbued me with a sense of community responsibility. I wish to act upon this impetus and become passionately involved in social life at university. Membership of the sixth form committee has improved my initiative and capacity for decision making as well as giving me an insight into power structures within an institution. I am also
currently assisting running a year 7 "savers scheme", whereby I provide a small-scale banking service and explain "saving" and "borrowing" to them. This has enhanced my communication and presentational skills.

My Duke of Edinburgh's Gold award is well underway. I recently completed my 4 day expedition, which has honed my teamwork skills and my ability to motivate myself and others. Badminton and archery are my sporting interests. I enjoy the personal challenge of archery whilst I revel in the team responsibility and commitment of doubles badminton, which I play weekly.

Overall, I try to maintain a healthy balance between studies and my social life, thus diversifying my skills and experience which include a love of music. As a self taught musician, I play a variety of stringed instruments (mandolin, guitar and banjo) in a popular local band with plenty of gig experience. After graduation, I wish to enter the civil service, the financial sector or pursue further
study. Your course would provide an excellent starting point for these ambitions.

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what university di you get in

what university di you get in to

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