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As a child, life is consistent. The outside world may exist but has no great impact on daily life. As you grow up you realise the reverse applies. Studying Economics, Spanish and French has not only enabled but also deepened my yearning to understand the endless facets which form the basis of everyday existence.

The current unfolding events of Spanish banks acquiring British financial institutions, part-nationalisation with equity injection of banks, firms being worth a fraction of their recent value & the impact that sub-prime lending, liquidity, food and oil prices are having upon consumers make this an even more fascinating time to study economics.

The credit crunch has caused the world to radically alter from the UK to the US and even to Iceland; a crash in consumer confidence, plummeting shares and new awareness of the domino effect that decisions worldwide have caused.

Through my studies of current affairs, economic policies and human behaviour I have become engrossed. As a teenager living in times of feast, the famine we face creates fear from the shop floor to the boardroom globally. My interest in Game Theory has become particularly relevant when observing government and firm strategies.

Beyond my studies, "The Undercover Economist" intrigued me by its application of theory to real life; especially the profits in fair-trade coffee. However the most seminal book for me is "The Wealth of Nations" by Adam Smith.

It gave me an understanding of economic thought with its conjuring of the invisible hand, self-interest, and other explanations of market forces that have influenced academics, governments, and business leaders ever since. David Smith's column in The Times, 'The Economist' and; El Pais, as well as AEA Economics has deepened my knowledge and enhanced my ability to connect economic theory to real life situations.

A new age of Hispanic influence is appearing with Santander Bank. Its presence is now global, even in the UK having acquired Abbey National. I love languages and through combining economics with Spanish, feel this will help me become internationally portable.

I have a passion for the arts, an ardour for literature and poetry. Spanish is the most beautiful language and Lorca's poetry is the perfect example of extraordinary verse through its lyricism and vivid imagery. Lorca is also a very inspirational figure as someone who followed his dreams regardless of opinion. I have also become enthused about the writing of Albert Camus, especially in "L'Etranger".

Work experience at Wunderman, world leaders in global marketing, has provided me with experience beyond the classroom. Hearing Dan Germain, the Creative Head at Innocent was inspiring; having spotted a niche in the market, using initiative and knowledge of conscience buying, 'Innocent' became a market leader.

As an active member of my school I hold many positions of responsibility. This year I have a leading role in the U6 Management Committee.

This combined with the Duke of Edinburgh Award has also taught me valuable lessons in teamwork and determination. I have contributed to many charity fundraising programmes; travelling to Ghana and seeing life in a developing country made me appreciate how fortunate I am for my opportunities so I raised money to supply an orphanage with water for 4 years.I fill my free time by immersing myself in music & performing arts.

I hope my passion and dedication to studies make me a deserving candidate. I believe I have a lot to offer university, and even more to gain from it.

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This personal statement was written by babazin for application in 2009.


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A bit vague.

I find this Personal Statement a bit vague at some points, especially at the end where he states what he has to offer and gain from uni. It would have been advisable to put it into a slightly less general context, trying to explain what it is you'll gain and what qualities you have to offer. I am pretty sure that anyone who attends uni. gains something, or at least a grade...

well whoever sed this stemnet

well whoever sed this stemnet is vague thye must be dumb becoz this staemnt is really good dude dono waht planet u live on LMAO...nwaysy the dude ? wrote the statement good luck wid ure education

It was just an opinion..

Frankly calling him dumb over a well reasoned comment is harsh. I could add more about your spelling but lets just leave it at that.

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