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My perception of the world changed on September the 11th 2001, when I returned home from school to find that a terrorist organisation had attacked the World Trade Centre.

The attack destroyed my feeling of security, provoking me to probe and question the world around me in a way I hadn't before and sparking my interest in current affairs.

The importance of political decisions and economics soon became apparent, how can the two disciplines be overlooked, when almost every issue or headline from the food on our table to the death of thousands in a terrorist attack, is related to one or both of the subjects?

My favourite area of economics is macro; I particularly enjoy comparing and evaluating the different tools and management strategies that the government can use in controlling the economy.

It is interesting to assess not only how different ideas affect the economic climate, but also the political reasons and repercussions of such decisions.

I keep up to date with developments within the subject by regularly reading The Economist and David Smith in The Times.

For me, one of the most interesting features of Economics is the way in which the theory can be applied to the very simple situations, for example the way that Steven Levitt is able to compare the Klu Klux Klan to Estate agents in his book Freakonomics. However, I look forward to using the skills that I have gained in Mathematics for the more complex, like game theory, at degree level.

Reading books like 'The Wealth and Poverty of Nations' by David Landes has opened my eyes to the global inequality of wealth, and the negative effect that groups like the WTO have on 3rd world countries.

I have campaigned to 'Make Poverty History', improving my presentation skills while gaining greater insight into Wyn Grant's ideas on pressure groups by presenting assemblies to the lower school and volunteering in Oxfam. My team work and organisational skills were developed while working as a group of Charity Committee representatives who were asked to organise a human 'Make Poverty History' band around Salisbury Cathedral.

Learning about the reforming agenda that Tony Blair introduced to his party in 1997 motivated me to get involved with the Labour party on the less glamorous local level, and so I have gained insight into local and regional meetings.

I enjoyed outlining ideologies like the 3rd Way and conservatism in my AS course, it was interesting to study the core ideas and beliefs behind policy, so developed my understanding by reading 'Political Ideologies: an introduction' by Andrew Heywood.

I was lucky enough to be invited to represent my school at the 2005 Dicey Conference at Trinity College Oxford. The two day conference allowed me to explore one of my favourite topics, 'Who rules the UK?', with significant figures and aware students from all over the country. It strengthened my opinion that power and influence has moved from directly accountable institutions like Parliament and the Cabinet to less democratic bodies like the city and the media.

This opportunity to discuss with a spectrum of different opinions is mirrored in my school life, where I am an active member of the Debating Society and get the chance to talk to and grill guest speakers at Politics Society.

I have been involved in a unique Student Research programme, where I have led a team of yr 7's towards a presentation to the staff on what we think makes the perfect lesson. In investigating lesson structure, I have gained essential research and presentation skills as well as growing a lot more active in my own learning.

I have proved how committed and responsible I am, while perfecting my teamwork and leadership skills by taking on the roles of Head of the Sixth Form Council, a Head of House and a Senior Prefect.

I feel that my passion for both Politics and Economics makes me worthy of a place on a joint course, and I look forward to getting involved in both academic and social aspects of university life.

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This personal statement was written by Shane_Garvin for application in 2006.

Shane_Garvin's university choices
London School of Economics
The University of Durham
University of Bristol
University of Bath
The University of Manchester
Cardiff University

Green: offer made
Red: no offer made

Shane_Garvin's Comments

As you can see from my UCAS choices, I got offfers to study economics and politics at Durham, Cardiff, Bristol, Manchester and Bath. I've accepted an offer from LSE to study Government and Economics. Not really sure if this is an economics or politics statement - it's pretty equal in both!


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This is excellent. It is very detailed, and not at all cliched or waffley. Has a catching intro. I liked the way he didnt talk about boring extra currics for ages- but just mentioned them to show hes an all rounder.

I agree that it is good, but

I agree that it is good, but I would disagree with the previous comment that it isnt cliched... using 9/11 as an opening seems to me the ultimate cliche.

Some very strong points

Some very strong points indeed

Excellent personal statement.

Excellent personal statement.. very detailed and clear..


Very good opening. After scanning the introductions of the statements under Politics, this was the only one that really caught my attention.

returned home to find a terrorist group attacked..

oh boy! he is in for a big shock when he realises it was the government who carried out the attacks on the world trade center and that his own country have been involved in government sponsored terrorism for the past 40 years, the same government who murdered dr david kelly and is sturring up the violence in iraq, you have it all to learn. Great personal statement but are you sure you are ready for all of this?

wow london school of

wow london school of economics is one of the best in the world! awesome, hope it goes well for ya

Didn't like the opening, but

Didn't like the opening, but loved the rest. 9/11 is so tired.


Very useful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best of luck in future!!!!!!!!!

i was under the impression

i was under the impression that personal statements were only supposed to be 1500 characters, in which case this is rather i right?

yes you are right.. about

yes you are right.. about 1400 characters with spaces



i think that a ucas statement

i think that a ucas statement is allowed 4000 characters, that's what i've been told

Actually he only got 12 GCSEs

Actually he only got 12 GCSEs, they are just all repeated, and the grades aren't really that good either, having just two A*s. Very good personal statement though and I assume it was backed by some good AS results.

no fair!

i liked the personal staemnet but the writer overused "I" which is not advised. about 9/11 different introduction than the ones published over here but it got old!

one thing that i liked is the refrence to freakonomics my favourite economics's book adn my favourite section about the ku klux klan!

Amazing personal statement!!

Amazing personal statement!!
may i know what A-levels u did?


i agree with "came back from school..." before accusing anyone, you need to know who organized the attack on world trade center. u need to more learn, or maybe do researches...great PS>> GL in politics life. and PS should be about 1000 characters i reckon

thtas just emotional

thtas just emotional blackmail

what did u get for ur 'A'

what did u get for ur 'A' levels?


It's an okish statement.. Need to improve, I wouldn't copy any of it lol

it's convincing...

it's convincing...

Just shows you don't need amazing GCSE's to get in LSE. His really were not the usual standard LSE accept.

i liked it

i like a ps where the emphasis is on the subject-what interests you about, and where you see yourself going with it. Sure, extra curricular stuff is great but your subject has to be dominant.

I'd suggest that this is

I'd suggest that this is actually a very good statement. His GCSE's are not the best but are still a good set of results. The fact the he isn't 'up to LSE's normal standards' would lead me to think his personal statement must be very effective to score him a place at both LSE and five other good universities.

PS: With respect to '9/11'

PS: With respect to '9/11' being very tired, writing personal statements should be focused on being very honest about why you're passionate about the course you want to do. If that's why you want to study a subject, why not include it?

Let the admissions officers decide if it is 'tired' or 'cliched'.

awesome baby!!!

awesome baby!!!

not 24 gcses

not 24 gcses
hes accidentally pasted them twice- lol

You have an amazing PS.

You have an amazing PS.

Not to take away your thunder or whatever but can everyone comment on my PS. No one has commented on it and it's my first draft and I would like some opinions. It's the last one in the Politics category titled, First Draft..Politics/International Relations/SP.

is good wonder if 911 was

is good wonder if 911 was necessary? better talk about self no?

it's soo long

I am a canadian student.. and apparently UCAS will now only allow 4000 characters.
so although this is a very good personal statement.. how did you fit it in.. or have the rules changed>????

didn't like the 9/11 into.

didn't like the 9/11 into. Rest was clear and concise. Overall pretty good.

this is brilliant

to be honest this ps really scared me, dont think mine is that good, and im applying to LSE!!! I'd like to your AS/AL grades though.




Party Politics

Glad to see you mention your work in the party; some people had warned me to keep away from my partisan support for Labour - but considering it is a clear display of ones passion for politics I will be sure to mention it.

Party Politics

Glad to see you mention your work in the party; some people had warned me to keep away from my partisan support for Labour - but considering it is a clear display of ones passion for politics I will be sure to mention it.


Incredible opening!!!!


Appreciate you sharing, great blog post. Will read on...

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