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At college the courses that I study are Maths, Economics and ICT (having discontinued Chemistry after AS). My favourite subject that I am currently studying is economics. Economic issues have become increasingly prominent in political and current affairs, and for me to understand such issues was the principal reason for me choosing to study economics. Each and every one of us is affected by changes in the economy. Advances in technology, changing inflation rates, unemployment, and balance of payments troubles are matters both of international magnitude and personal concern. My enthusiasm for economics has led me to want to pursue a degree that involves the theme's accountancy and finance. I hope this degree will aid me in a conceivable career in Accountancy

Accountants are probably best known for checking the validity of company accounts - auditing - but this is just one aspect of what they do. Accountants devise and operate financial systems, and advise on business start-ups, company take-overs and company rescue schemes. They also handle individuals' and corporations' tax affairs and make recommendations to Government on policy. Accountants play a key role in the formulation and implementation of business decisions both strategic and political, through the uniquely analytical approach to the assessment of the financial implications of business plans

This course I believe will improve and equip me with essential skills that I require. It will enhance the problem solving and analysis skills that I have acquired from my A level in Economics and also from my study of Mathematics. Through managing my work and from project based modules I anticipate that my planning and organisational skills will be improved. I believe this course will equip me with practical and theoretical skills which will come of real use to me in as I pursue my career in accountancy

I have been involved in voluntary work with my local tennis club. This involves going to the club every Friday and assisting the coach with his training of the kids. This has considerable responsibility, as I must ensure that the children are firstly in a secure environment. I must also make sure that the kids are becoming more skilled and taking pleasure from the sessions. Children work best in situations where they feel liberated and when they are enjoying themselves, but at the same time it is important to maintain a level of discipline. This voluntary work has taught me a great deal about myself and also enhanced many skills. I found my voluntary work to be very fulfilling and it is especially rewarding when a child achieves something you taught them to do

My leisure time is dominated by sports. I am very sports oriented and revel in playing in an assortment of sports, which include football, tennis, badminton, table tennis and swimming. I am a member of North Harrow Tennis Club and represent them in a league competition, which comprises of playing matches against other tennis clubs. I have been very successful in swimming having captured the distinguished Gold Award, which is a reputed award. Swimming is a challenging sport that improves your fitness and is very enjoyable. I relish participating in tournaments, which give me a chance to test my sporting abilities. I have won many trophies in table tennis and tennis and I always like to uncover ways in which I can improve my abilities. My sport has contributed to my studying since it improves skills like teamwork and determination

This year I have taken it upon myself to take the responsibility of being Cafod representative. Cafod is a charity that fights third world poverty. It is a deserving cause that I try to support as much as possible. My duties involve collecting monthly collections and ensure the accounts for our class are in order. This position requires someone who is responsible, punctual in collection.

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