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Over the past few years I have developed a strong interest in the Economic history of the UK. I have become interested in how the UK's economic policy over centuries has built the UK into one of the world's most economically developed countries today. In particular, I find great interest in the accelerated growth of the UK and other developed nations during the 20th Century. Throughout this period different economic ideologies have been pursued, from the laissez faire attitude of 1980's to the recent return towards Keynesian economics. Although both these ideologies have had their positives in different economic climates, the UK economy has been ruled by boom and bust throughout the 20th Century. Can the UK government apply a perfect compromise to achieve the permanent economic growth that political leaders seek? I wish to read Economics at university because I want to debate questions such as these with fellow academics.
Within the field of Economics the area I am most interested in is the application of macroeconomic theory by Government to mould new economic policy. I have developed an interest in the economic policies that Governments employ because these policies impact upon our everyday lives. Policies such as large public sector borrowing to invest in economic growth and 'quantitative easing' to slow recession have a big impact upon us. This has led me to think about the economic problems that the UK currently faces. The current UK Government borrowed large amounts of money to invest in the economy and this had positive effects such as lower unemployment and constant economic growth. However, now that the UK economy is in the midst of a recession the Government's large budget deficit needs to be repaid. To solve this problem the Government will have to cut public sector spending and raise taxes over the next decade. Studying economic theory would increase my knowledge of the problems that our society face in the future.
At A-level I was unable to study the subject of Economics and so I have pursued my interest in my own time. My knowledge of the subject has been built around researching the economic theory behind articles I have found in newspapers and magazines. From studying Mathematics I believe I would enjoy a mathematical and analytical approach to the study of economic and financial theory. Mathematical techniques are logical and produce precise solutions to problems. I believe that it is these qualities that mean when these techniques are applied to economic problems they can give economists quantitative precise solutions. From the extended written pieces that I have done in Geography I feel I have developed written communication skills that allow myself to purvey economic arguments and provide analysis on them.
In the past year I travelled to China to experience a different culture and found China an extraordinary country. During my time in China I was lucky enough to visit a friend that works for a financial company in Shanghai. I spent a week with him and enjoyed the experience because it gave me a taste of how economic and financial theory is used in business.
Within school I was appointed as a senior prefect, I enjoyed this role because I was responsible for managing a team of prefects that implemented the schools new mentoring scheme for younger pupils. This role gave me the skills to manage time effectively and solve problems with the help of others.
I enjoy playing for my local rugby and football teams and over recent years I have enjoyed the challenge of the Gold Duke of Edinburgh award because it has broadened the range of activities that I participate in. Playing for sports teams and Duke of Edinburgh has taught me much about teamwork and communication with my peers.
I have a great desire to study at University because I believe that from the academic and social aspects I will develop an array of skills that will aid myself in finding an interesting and rewarding future career.

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Well did this statement for courses in Economics (Economics, Econ and Econ History, Econ and Finance). I think that my personal statement is fairly good simply because it shows that I am genuinely interested in my subject. The grammer etc isnt that great and I dont use big fancy words.


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Did this PS get you onto the economics and economic history course as LSE.
I am applying for 2 Eco and Eco history courses and 3 Eco and finance courses, what courses were each of the unis?

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