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Whether the economy faces a recession or a boom, it is ultimately there at the heart of the majority of decisions we make in our lifetime; the price we pay for our home, the sum of disposable income we have for life's luxuries and even whether I can afford to pay off my student loan after leaving university.

With this in mind, the importance of the economy in our lives leads me to believe that a degree in Economics would be beneficial for both my future career and for the decisions I'll make from then on. Key areas of economics such as inflation, exchange rates and interest rates affect everyone from the average UK citizen to the operations of a large corporate firm. Studying the subject in depth will challenge me to understand how influential the economy can be and even how an economy recovers from the tumultuous situation it faces today.

I believe that experience is vital - the only way to understand the theories behind the facts. Consequently by taking a gap year I aim to put the study of Economics into perspective by experiencing the rigours of a work environment. I am intrigued by the Year in Industry programme in which I hope I'll be able to gain work experience invaluable for when I start my studies at university. Within the programme I'll also be given the chance to complete a certificate in Management, which I consider great experience for and after my degree, helping me to further my knowledge and understanding of the essential skills required in the workplace. My confidence is one aspect of my personality that I feel will help to take me far in life, but I deem it essential to always expand on skills I already possess; a skill I can develop during my year out from study.

Other than helping me on my way to academic success, my A-Level subjects have taught me skills that are directly transferable to the study of economics. Business Studies has helped me analyse statistical data, tackle numerical equations and evaluate principles where the economy affects the activity of a business. Sociology has helped me to evaluate theoretical perspectives and discuss the diverse sides to theories using skills similar to those used during the study of Economics, whilst studying English Literature has helped me expand my analytical ability, using different writing skills which are accommodated in all of my A-Level subjects - possibly one of the most critical abilities anyone should acquire for success in any chosen degree. Geography has allowed me to use more practical skills, exposing a vital understanding of how important these skills are when studying, as opposed to simply relating theoretical and analytical skills into my studies; practical ability will indeed help during my year out from study.

A period of work experience as a temporary receptionist and my part-time job as a sales assistant have assisted in the development of my communication skills, taught me how to cope under pressure, as well as proving that I am dedicated to any tasks given. My part-time job has ultimately taught me how disciplined the world of work is; discipline that will be essential at university.

My time at sixth form has also helped me develop my communication and organisational skills dramatically, most significantly in my practice as a Millennium Ambassador. This involves representing the sixth form to the lower school, working with the pupils and their form tutors. The responsibility has taught me how to cope with organising pupils and working in a team in order to direct and instruct them, helping them with homework, coursework and organising tasks; skills which make me well placed to begin degree level study. Outside of school I attend an aerobics class, offering me a fantastic escape from academic studies!

In all, I feel that aspiration and motivation are imperative for any real success in a degree. My drive to study economics is immense. To prove to myself and others that I can study Economics with vigour and passion is my ultimate goal.

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This personal statement was written by dmason for application in 2009.

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I've had conditional offers from all the universities I have applied to; Loughborough being my top choice, as well as Leicester, Manchester, Sheffield and Newcastle.


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very good ps. i wish you luck with your application.

first 1 ive read so far n

first 1 ive read so far n enjoyed, congrats


possibly the best one i have read! i am currently writing mine. its so so tempting to copy haa but that would be foolish and ruin my life as uni's would find out. i like how you came across a very intelligent person without appearing arrogant. well done!

Hi, love ur PS. Where did u

Hi, love ur PS. Where did u apply?


The best personal statement i've read! :) all the others for economics seems to be from people who are completely full of themselves and brag about their achievements more than writing about why they want to study the course! Well done!

how might the study of economics help me as a stud

how might the study of economics help me as a stud

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