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My desire to study Economics in combination with the Social Sciences stems primarily from my interest in these fields but also from the fact that these two disciplines compliment each other exceptionally well. I have always been drawn to the social and political sciences, having a natural interest in current affairs. In addition to keeping abreast of international news and analysis through reading journals such as the Economist, I enjoy reading more technical periodicals such as the Geography Review. Academically, my interest in Human Geography and Economics led me to carry out an independent research project (a challenging aspect of the I.B. Diploma program) on ‘The Effectiveness and Socio-political Rationale Behind Pro-natal Policies in Singapore;’ an economically successful island state struggling with a rapidly changing demographic landscape. This work has led me to explore areas outside the confines of my taught syllabus, such as political geography and economics.

In addition, studying with students from all over the world has exposed me to a diverse array of cultures. I have a profound interest in South East Asia, having traveled extensively in this region, and have followed with interest the political and economic development of these “Tiger Economies”. My decision to study the Malay language at IB level was partly influenced by this attraction to the region. I recently organised an independent trip to Myanmar with four other students in order to experience the culture of this country, which has effectively been cut off from the influences of globalisation due to its unique political situation. I had the opportunity to stay in tribal villages whilst trekking through rural Myanmar which proved a challenging and eye opening experience.

The multi-disciplinary nature of the IB has helped me become more adept at juggling both my education and an active extra curricular schedule. I have been involved in a range of activities including political forums, social service and dance performances. My involvement in the Initiative For Peace conference, which brought young people affected by conflict in Sri Lanka together to discuss youth action for peace, allowed me to develop my leadership skills, public speaking and crisis management skills. As one of the lead facilitators, I was responsible for organising and facilitating workshops as well as vetting applications from young people from all over Sri Lanka. Working in an AIDS patient care centre over the last year has developed my character through dealing with situations that are emotionally challenging. As a fundraiser for a Bombay Street Kids organisation, as well as working as a member of the school yearbook’s page layout team, I have worked in a team, met tight deadlines and also learnt how to work more effectively under pressure. In vacations I regularly volunteer at the local Bird Park where I deal with the public in one of Singapore’s main tourist attractions. In my spare time I enjoy playing the piano and the violin and am classically trained in Indian vocals, a significant aspect of my culture. My interest in cultures other than my own has allowed me to take part in Zimbabwean and Sierra Leonean dances as well as cooking and selling Italian food as part of our annual cultural event, United Nations Night.

I feel I have much to contribute to University through bringing a keen and committed academic mind to my chosen disciplines. I hope to enter an institution that can nurture and develop my genuine enthusiasm and interest in these subjects, as well as giving me ample opportunity to explore new interests and shape existing talents.

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This personal statement was written by veena_s for application in 2005.

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Seems a bit long and wordy

Seems a bit long and wordy but good content

A very well written personal

A very well written personal statement which reads easily and fluently, but perhaps a bit too much detail on extra-curricular activities and not enough on the course selection and interst in it.


you are cool!

this was a trully inspiring

this was a trully inspiring essay. with similar viewpoints, your articulation has helped me form mine. good work!

this was a truly inspiring

this was a truly inspiring essay. with similar viewpoints, your articulation and enthusiasm has helped realize just what i want to convey.good work!

the essay's nice, however,

the essay's nice, however, there's too little said about the author's career goals and desire to pursue a degree

cooleh boy well done

cooleh boy well done

some of the people here have

some of the people here have done so much in life-this applicant can't be 18.

i dont know why you didnt

i dont know why you didnt apply to SOAS


Complement not compliment!

alryt ghandi give it a rest

alryt ghandi give it a rest you clearly are lying

are you applying for a

are you applying for a combined honour-type degree? if so, how are you applying for this at bristol (they dont do combined) etc?

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