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In today's world, economics associated disciplines are of fundamental significance and application, which has encouraged me to pursue a degree in Economics. As well as studying economics at AS and A2 level I like to indulge in works written by economists and authors alike. I have already read aspects related to world economic history whilst engrossing myself in the ideas and arguments put forward in Keynes' "General theory of employment, interest and money". By working through selected aspects of a university text I have been able to support my current studies by introducing new concepts into my school essays and presentations. Economic issues have become increasingly prominent in political and current affairs, and for me to understand such issues was the principal reason for me choosing to study economics. I am fascinated by the world of economics around us and I like to follow economic issues through the news and media. I am a subscriber to the magazine "Economics Today" and I take part in Internet discussions through the popular "Tutor 2 U" website

The challenge of education has always been a very important aspect of my life and I continually aim to achieve my potential in everything in which I participate. Throughout the past few years I have progressed into a self-motivated independent learner who enjoys embracing new ideas and concepts that I am introduced to. My learning technique is based around both organisation and time management skills that I developed through my role as Company Secretary in the Young Enterprise scheme. This has helped me to evolve as an individual whilst providing me with first-hand experience of business in contestable markets. At the end of the year I was voted as the best Company Secretary in Leicestershire by a panel of expert judges

The National Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth, of which I am a member, has enabled me to explore my academic potential through Outreach events and Internet forums. Participation in the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme has extended the knowledge I gained as a former Scout of the Year winner and through the award I have gained leadership skills and opportunities to serve the community

During year 12 I have worked with the Learning Support department at Wreake Valley College on a weekly basis providing younger students with extra help in a range of subjects including Mathematics, English and Science. I have found the experience very rewarding. As well as this I have completed my two hundred hour community service award as part of the Millennium Volunteers scheme and I represent the views of other students by playing an active role in the Sixth Form Student Council. This has taught me the difficulties of managing scarce resources and also of the need for patience and dedication when undertaking projects

Due to good time management, I have been able to maintain a part-time job in an award winning market town toyshop for the past twelve months. Here I have learnt the importance of teamwork and communication in a work-based environment. Furthermore, I play golf for a junior team where I participate in tournaments across the county. I also have a passion for drama and I a member of the Thurmaston Youth Theatre, which puts on various charity performances across the local area.

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