Economics and Politics Personal Statement Example 2

Studying economics at A-level showed me that this subject is fundamental to our everyday life on both a local and international scale.

Reading broadsheet newspapers, watching the news and reading 'The Economist' have confirmed this for me. Articles by Anatole Kaletsky in 'The Times' are a personal favourite. The political issues of economics are particularly interesting to me and I feel that economics and politics are complementary subjects.

The behaviour of firms, and organisations and the way in which government and politics influence this behaviour is an area of great interest to me. The current situation of a possible recession is fascinating, as it shows the close interlinked relationship that economics and politics have.

Understanding and analysing the policies implement by governments and other international bodies in an attempt to reduce the effects of a recession and secure longer-term growth are incredibly interesting. I feel studying Economics and Politics at degree level will give me a greater, more in-depth insight into this as well as many other exciting issues.

Outside of school I have volunteered at a local special school. This was very rewarding and enjoyable and has counted towards the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award, which I am completing this year by undertaking a 4day expedition.

Completing an Outward Bound course, working as a part-time lifeguard for four years and playing rugby for several teams, including Eastern Counties has helped me to work as part of a successful team. Partaking in a variety of work experiences, engaging with a large variety of customers and with a very active social life, it has meant I have developed excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

Working and captaining several rugby teams has taught me lots about responsibility and is helping me develop as a strong and efficient team leader. I would rate these as a few of my best attributes and feel that they will greatly help me to succeed at the numerous opportunities that university has to offer me.

I have a strong love of music, both listening and playing. Recently I took and passed my grade 8 Violin exam. At school I played the violin in both the Symphony and chamber orchestras. Singing in the Chapel Choir was enjoyable and we went on a number of tours, including one to Zurich.

Aside from music and sports I have taken several lead roles in school drama productions, most recently playing Mr. Peachum in the 'Threepenny Opera'.

In the forth coming year I am taking some Open University Modules in economics related subjects and am going to improve my French. This will ensure I am still mentally stimulated. Aside from this, I am hoping to gain some political work experience as well as to travel and climb Mount Kilimanjaro for charity.

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This personal statement was written by Scoooop for application in 2008.

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This is a first draft that i have typed up reasonably quickly. I am not so naive as to know that it needs a lot of work and restructuring etc.
Please leave honest comments as they will be very useful (hopefully).

Thank you for your time.


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