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Politics was not an option at GCSE in my school but having grown up in a family of strong minded individuals working in public service I knew it would be my first choice at A –Level. I have not been disappointed. I was brought up with views formed during the political turmoil of the miners’ strike, continuing on through student riots and onto the formation and expansion of far-right extremists groups such as EDL.

The interactive nature of politics has allowed me to form my own opinions on the effect of political events and their relationship with society. Foreign policy with Syria, fiscal control with the credit crunch, moral objections of same sex marriage are just a few examples of the broad range of subjects that humanities influence and has kept me enthralled throughout my course.

Politics is an ever changing subject which means over time it can develop and improve. I want to be part of this. I want my university life to be flexible, rewarding and engaging so I have chosen to expand upon my learning experience by studying more than one discipline which are tailored to my interests.

The subjects mesh well and deal with the related issues of the use of power, social policy, fiscal awareness, morals and the interconnection of the individual and state.

During my time at school I have not been afraid to expand my social skills, team building and communication skills. Participation in extra-curricular activities has helped me to maintain a balance between my studies and leisure.

I have been an avid swimmer, achieving the Honours Swimming Challenge which is the highest Challenge award available and has taught me the value of perseverance and hard work. I was also a member of the Ribble Valley School of Dance for 10 years and have been awarded Grade 3 in ballet, tap and modern jazz.

Both of these sports are more individually driven which has given me the push to achieve as my own person without relying on others to help me succeed.

This does not mean I cannot work well in a team though, as I was a member of the school netball team at secondary school where I learnt the importance of every person’s strengths and how to best utilise these abilities to succeed well in a team.

I have expanded my personal growth by completing The Challenge. This was a summer programme which consisted of a series of team and individual challenges where we worked within the community with different charities such as Nightsafe homeless shelter and Darwen’s neighbourhood community Trust.

I continued in this area of social awareness by becoming an Associate Mentor with the Challenge in which I have a leadership role with current Challengers. I was involved throughout the summer with a new series of charitable causes such as raising awareness for suicide watch and highlighting misconceptions about learning difficulties.

My work experience has included work in a commercial law office where I learnt about credit histories, contract formulation and customer relations with face to face contact with clients. I also work in my families company where I have dealt with problems as diverse as steel orders for agricultural buildings to VAT returns and product sourcing.

Last year I was awarded the National Citizen Service 2012 for my voluntary work within the community. This shows I am willing to dedicate my free time for the benefit of others and possess a strong work ethic.

I am currently taking part in the Bar mock trial with the Citizenship foundation where students work as a team to prosecute and defend set cases which will give me an insight into the legal system and improve my ability to think on my feet.

I have always aspired to study at University with a subject choice that reflects my interests. The experience will develop and mould my knowledge in these subject areas.

I hope I have shown myself to be a well rounded candidate who has a willingness to learn, the dedication and the drive necessary to excel at your University.

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This personal statement was written by sarahb123 for application in 2014.

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University of Wales Swansea

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I have applied to a different courses but all are 'politics and...' so my personal statement is mostly politics but can be used for politics and another subject


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