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It would not be foolish to contemplate the possibility of a far greater progress still.
John Maynard Keynes

From childhood I was bred to learn and the passion to understand has become a trait of my character. Although I'm interested in other areas, I've known for several years now that economics was the branch of study I wanted to pursue and I've read widely to further my knowledge. I began with Paul Krugman's book, The Accidental Theorist, which presented the fundamentals of economics followed by A.K. Dixit and B.J. Nalebuff's The Art of Strategy. Then I started to read articles from The Economist, Forbes and national journals dealing with the financial situation in Poland. I expanded my readings to include Foreign Policy and W.R. Polks' Understanding Iran to broaden my understanding of international affairs' and geopolitics' correlation to economics. Following the recession, I read George Cooper's Origin of Financial Crisis, to understand not only the causes of the global crisis, but on a more personal level, the anxieties of a close friend whose parents worked in financial firms.
As well as written works, I have also looked for economic workshops and free entrance lectures. Amongst many, I have attended lectures delivered by Prof. Witold Orowski, Naomi Klein and Peter Sloterdijk.
Inspired by Edwin Mansfield's Essential Macroeconomics, I now grasp how important macroeconomics is to understanding international trade, monetary and fiscal policies. But the complexity of a global perspective can only be understood by studying the basic elements of economics. One of the most inspiring events I have witnessed was the change in my father's work after the Orange Revolution in Ukraine. Ukrainian-Polish relations improved and my Father was able to take a small part in helping to modernize the country with new technology. My father had the chance to act in exactly the same way French investors had helped him 20 years ago after the Round Table Agreements. These developments gave me a first-hand picture of how policy changes made on the highest levels of government can improve the standards of living on the most basic levels. However, conversations with my uncle taught me a very different lesson. As the youngest son in my father's family, he had to take care of my family's lands and become a farmer. I had a unique chance to learn about Polish farmers' problems: to witness how vulnerable they are to unstable markets and disgruntled by politicians' demagoguery. I saw how their situation worsened in spite of outside funds and new policies. I am sure that economics will help me someday fashion a long-term solution.
Wanting to make an impact on a society with remnants of post-communist mentality, I volunteered in a non-profit organization encouraging voter turnout in the European Parliament elections. Working with others in a civil society, I familiarized myself with the functioning of such a body, found my place in one and the means to create change in Poland.
In high school, I studied mathematics, geography, French and English. I also took advanced math classes, which were key in further developing the tools necessary for an education in economics. Geography was a clear choice as it encompasses many themes that influence economics such as the relationship between the environment and industry, transportation and renewable resources. Language is necessary to anyone motivated to understand the world that lies beyond his borders. To improve my language and cultural consciousness, I lived and studied in England for one month and France for two months. I also developed a side-interest in architecture through my sister, who is a student in Warsaw University, and have attended lectures with her.
Why do I want to go to a top university? I focused on Polish schools, but now think that would be parochial. I want an education that will let me contribute meaningfully to Poland, Europe and the international community.

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This personal statement was written by b.rzem for application in 2010.

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London School of Economics
London School of Economics
University College London
University College London

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Economics International Studies and Politics at The University of Warwick

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I wasn't actually expecting to receive any offer because I hadn't been working on my application long enough, but luckily, it was enough to be happy at Warwick :)


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You mentioned you didnt work

You mentioned you didnt work on this very long, how long exactly? as i fear im in the same boat

But nice work btw!

Well, it took like a month or

Well, it took like a month or so of writing and rewriting and writing again. I think the whole point is to explain who you are, your perspective and why you'd be a good asset for the uni, so it takes a while to clear out how you want to acheive that. Good luck anyway. / b.rzem

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