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After Brazil, Nepal has the largest potential for the generation of hydro electricity. It is estimated that the perennial rivers of Nepal can generate up to a massive 83,000 Mega Watts of electricity. If utilized efficiently, Nepal has the potential of becoming one of the largest exporters of electricity in the world. Ironically, Nepal fails to even meet the electricity needs of its own citizens. For almost three years now, the people of Nepal have had to live without electricity for more than half the day. Currently, each day is characterized by a minimum of twelve hours of power outage.

The example above is a classic case of the inefficient allocation and utilization of scarce resources. Living in Nepal has given me a hands-on experience of the consequences of bad economic decision making. Having lived without electricity for the greater part of three years, I have realized the importance of the proper use of scarce resources. The importance of this is relevant even in the global context. As world population continually expands, the world is faced by an ever increasing scarcity of resources. It is, therefore, our responsibility to ensure that we meet the needs of all people around the globe by using the scarce resources in the most efficient manner.

Understanding the great importance of economics in the world today, I have chosen to pursue my higher education in this field. The excellent career opportunities and the prospect of a high paying job has certainly acted as an incentive for me to choose this area of study but this is by no means the only reason. The most important reason I have chosen this subject is because of the enjoyment I derive from studying economics and the opportunity I would get of making a positive contribution to the world. I believe that by studying economics, I can help my own country and the world.

The subjects I have studied for my AS and A Levels support my choice for an undergraduate course in economics. A level economics has introduced me to the basic concepts of the subject. AS Level mathematics has built a strong mathematical base and will help me tackle various numerical problems I may encounter while studying economics. A Level Business Studies has given me an idea of managing firms while AS Level Sociology has given me a brief insight into the way the society functions. General Paper has made me more aware of the happenings all across the globe and has improved my writing skills. Furthermore, I believe I am well suited to study in the UK because English has been the medium of instruction throughout my academic life. I scored a 94% in English in the class 10 ICSE exams.

Beside academics, I am actively involved in a host of extra curricular activities. I have played Lawn Tennis at the National level and I became the runners up in the Mens Doubles event in the Nepal National Games held in 2009. I have a great passion for music and have recently joined the Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory, a music school in Nepal, for formal education in music. In school, I was involved in numerous activities and have participated in debates, elocutions, drama, school level sports and was a member of the school choir. Participating in these activities has contributed to my overall development.

I have high ambitions to excel in academics and do well in life. By studying economics, I aim to serve my country and more importantly, the world. In the future I hope to be involved in the economic policy making of my country and to help it to overcome the clutches of underdevelopment it now finds itself in.

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