Economics and Finance Personal Statement Example 8

My decision to apply for a degree course in Accounting and Finance stems from my research in the college library and my career aspiration to become a chartered accountant. I particularly enjoy administrative work, numerical and statistical exercises, and opportunities to work with others as a team. I am confident that these strengths and transferable skills will be developed in a degree course, and valuable in my subsequent career

In order to get a head start, I have arranged a two-week work experience programme with Ahmed and Co accountancy, which provides services for well-known restaurants, cafes and other businesses. These two week work experience will provide me with a greater understanding of the basic skills required of an accountant, and introduce me to techniques such as cash balance appraisal, budgetary control and current cost accounting

I am currently studying A- Level ICT and History and AS- Level Urdu and Business Studies. Studying AS-Level Business Studies will provide the foundations and understanding of real life problems faced by businesses and the right solutions that are used by professional businesses in order to succeed and A-Level in ICT will give me a better understanding of advanced technology available that can be used in order to process more easily with less time consuming

I am a very active sportsman, taking advantage all sports facilities that my college provides. I have represented my college in cricket, football, basketball and cross-country and the medals, certificates and trophies accomplished can represent these. I hope to take these achievements further by representing the university in the sports facilities it will provide and by achieving more medals and trophies as possible

I believe university offers an excellent opportunity to further my learning in a challenging environment so I am applying for a degree in accounting and finance, which will enable me to acquire the skills required to understand the world of business and help me become a chartered accountant

I look forward to the challenge of a demanding degree course, and am confident that I have the personal qualities and academic motivation to make a success of it.

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pretty good

this statement is well structured and interesting, wel done! thanx loadsz cuz it has helped me wiv mine!

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