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My aspiration to study economics at both advanced and degree level has stemmed from my lasting interest in current affairs and world development.

These issues require an application of economics in real-life situations and can be related to many diverse subjects such as politics, philosophy and psychology. The shocking statistics emerging from Johannesburg and, more recently, Cancun have consolidated my interest in global economic development and my desire to be actively involved in this area in the future.

I am currently studying Economic Development in lessons which has been particularly stimulating. I have particularly enjoyed investigating International Trade, Aid and Third World Debt as I can see both the theory and the reality of the situation as well as arguments from differing perspectives In contrast to these topics, I am also interested by the UK housing market as its future is in doubt in an uncertain economic climate.

The housing market affects most of the UK population and once again, the ability to differentiate between theory and reality intrigues me. Studying Geography, History and Mathematics has improved my knowledge of the extensive background required for Economics and I now more fully appreciate the inter-connectedness and complexity of the subject.

My reading of writers such as Larry Elliot in The Guardian, David Smith in The Times and various journalists in The Financial Times have been thought-provoking and interesting commentaries on my particular topics as well as the current economic situation

I am in the process of completing my Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award which I expect to finish next June. It has allowed me to develop new skills such as learning Italian, debating on several EU issues for the European Youth Parliament’s regional forum and helping children in Year 2 of our Junior School.

Hockey is my key sport, and I hope to continue my interest in it through university as I am a regular member of the school’s first XI hockey team and have trained and played regularly with Folkestone Ladies’ Thirds. I have also skied since the age of 4 and am exhilarated by black runs such as the Tunnel Run at Alpe d’Huez.

Last term I was elected Deputy School Captain and this has given me new responsibilities, especially in relation to our Junior School where I attend assemblies and other functions to represent the Senior School.

At school, I have been an active member of my House, participating in various sporting competitions such as hockey, netball and athletics. Over the last two years, I have been responsible for lighting and stage management for House Drama and have captained both the Junior and Senior General Knowledge and House Language team, all of which have consistently won.

I am employed as a Call Centre Agent at Eurotunnel which has improved my customer service skills and I hope, in the near future, to extend my work into the French market, making use of my language abilities. To improve my A2 French, I have also completed two work experience placements in France; in Monoprix, a department store, and at the Credit Mutuel bank in Douai.

I intend to maintain and improve my language skills throughout university as working for a European company appeals to me. I have also spent a week at Kent County Council’s European Affairs Unit, where I gained knowledge of my county’s links with the continent. Another four days at Mark Watts MEP’s office gave me insight into the multifaceted daily life of a European politician.

I am really looking forward to university where I would like to contribute to all aspects of university life, and where I can develop my academic studies in conjunction with my existing and new interests.

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Good, however for a personal

Good, however for a personal statement for PPE i you don' hear much about the philosophy and politics side and and why he/she is intersted in these two areas.

Do not forget the math!

Interested in knowing what type of work you will be doing. Have you decided yet? You have a firm understanding of the importance of the social sciences, but do not forget the math! Your the kind of person I would like to see in the cabinet as an advisor. Have you thought about such?


you got an UNCONDITIONAL offer for oxford?!
that's like unheard of!
but it's reallllllllyyyyy good...
i'm going to cry in a corner somewhere because my p.s attempt will be hopeless.

Not a good statement, poor

Not a good statement, poor organization of thoughts, a few structural teaks could have got the monotony out.


I really enjoy the article post.Much thanks again. Will read on...

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