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I have wanted to take PPE at university ever since discovering that the course existed, having loved Mathematical and Essay subjects in equal measure throughout my time in school.

Philosophy and Politics are subjects I have always wanted to study further, and upon studying Economics for the first time at the Eton College Universities Summer School I was extremely taken by the subject, as it seemed to give me an entirely new outlook on the world.

My favourite part of the Economics course at Eton was the work we did on Utility Theory, which I would love to study in more depth.

On the recommendation of the Economics tutor there, I picked up Freakonomics by Steven D Levitt and Tim Harford's The Undercover Economist, and have now developed the somewhat unusual habit of comparing prices at my local supermarket, then providing reasons for unexpected discrepancies!

I have also taken out a subscription to the Economist, with the hope of increasing my understanding of more traditional economics.

I read the Guardian whenever I can get hold of it, have run for the Socialist Workers Party in a mock election at school, and am currently reading into Marxist theories, which I find fascinating. I am very interested in 20th century political philosophy, as I love studying the reasons behind people's decisions and why they think and act like they do. "

The Prince" was also an interesting read and I often now find myself applying Machiavelli's ideas to current affairs in the Middle East. In my spare time, I enjoy political novels such as Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four and Huxley's Brave New World.

My interest in debating was furthered by my involvement in my school's EYP team last year, organised by the English Speaking Union, although I would relish the opportunity to hone my public speaking skills further.

Philosophy is a subject I really enjoy discussing with my friends, many of whom hold very different ideals and beliefs to me, which makes for interesting conversation. After reading Satre's No Exit, I decided to delve further into Existentialism, and I am in the process of reading Beyond Good and Evil by Nietzsche. I am trying to familiarise myself with other Philosophical theories through Issues in Philosophy by Calvin Pinchin.

Before arriving at University, I will be taking a gap year with Project Trust, an organisation dedicated to sending young people abroad. My travels will be taking me to one of two provinces in China (Gansu or Xinjiang) where I will be teaching conversational English in secondary schools.

I know this will be an amazing opportunity for me to learn about the different philosophies and political structure and the booming economy of China- and the issues that these raise- first hand, and I hope that the experiences of living independently and having to organise lessons for classes of over 60 children will make university life feel easier by comparison!

Furthermore, I know that such an experience will be invaluable to me when studying PPE at University. After my degree course, I would like to go into the Foreign Office.

I have achieved ABRSM Grade 7 piano and Grade 5 flute, both with merits, and take part in Musical Theatre with Spotlight Productions (a local company who have enjoyed success with their original musical A Whitechapel Tale) and my school, with whom I played Golde in Fiddler on the Roof.

I also hold the position of Charity Representative on my school's Senior Student council, and spent last summer doing charity work in Malawi. On Sundays I work at my local Garden Centre, which has taught me all about teamwork, the satisfaction of a job well done and bulb planting, in that order.

All in all, I feel that three years spent studying PPE in University could be among the most valuable and enjoyable years of my life, and I would be honoured if you were to give me this opportunity. I firmly believe that I have a lot to offer a PPE course- and even more to gain.

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This personal statement was written by ajdeity for application in 2008.

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Despite probably ticking every box in the list of things you shouldn't do in your Personal Statement (especially the NO HUMOUR one...), this PS got me deferred entry offers from Oxford, Warwick, Durham, York, Lancaster and Exeter. So I must have been doing something right.


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ultimate love

i want to be this personal statement. apart from the "i chat about philosophy with my friends" bit, it's amazing.


hey, i m impressed by your PS. just wanna to know that have u get in OXFORD PPE yet?
as u've mentioned that u've got OXFORD offer, when do u receive the offer? before interview or not?


If you yourself admit the PS

If you yourself admit the PS does what it shouldnt, perhaps your offers are something to do with the fact you went to (or did a summer school or both or something) at Eton and then mentioned it a million times...

oxford university would not

oxford university would not accept this, you talk of books/essays you've supposedly read, but lack mentioning what is so interesting about the book/essay, i doubt any admissions tutor would accept this.

this ps is too rushed, there

this ps is too rushed, there is no clear structure nor does it have any composure, it just crams lots of information

Hmmm. bit sceptical.

Hmmm. bit sceptical. Surprised if this got you a place!

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