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The Lehman Brothers collapsing created a domino effect on the global economy, unleashing turmoil for over 10 years on developing and vulnerable economies. Risks of stock markets crashing have sparked my interest to understanding the wide range of factors that influence quick decision making, resulting in either drastic profits or significant loses.

The challenges faced by firms such as RBS have driven my curiosity, to identify the severe consequences experienced that led to an overall 10 year gap before beginning to make gains in 2018. The concept of risk advisory intrigues me, as it consists of financial planning, assisting to evaluate and prevent any areas of high risk, in order to maximise success and growth for the long term of the firm. Financial planning plays a key role in determining future prospects of many firms, as well as reducing any uncertainties alongside ensuring stability.

Studying A-level Economics has already allowed me to demonstrate skills of analysing quantitative data, applying economic reasoning & drawing conclusions, to understanding the fundamentals underlying key economic policies. Psychology has allowed me to widen my communication skills, alongside developing my critical thinking as an individual. Mathematics has allowed me to formulate problems, presenting solutions, as well as allowing my skills for manipulation to flourish.

Becoming a Reading University Scholar of the Mathematics Strand, allowed me to demonstrate my passion for logical problem solving, whilst coping with the struggles of finding solutions for difficulties that I had come across. This programme developed my knowledge by completing in-depth research about specific concepts, like The Cantor Set, Infinity of Numbers & Imaginary Numbers.

In addition to this I also enjoyed taking part in the Deloitte ASPIRE work placement which gave me an opportunity to use my micro & macroeconomic skills in completing various tasks, set to give me an insight into careers of consultancy, audit & assurance and financial advisory. I was able to take advantage of my logical thinking skills of Mathematics, in order to combine them with the analysing techniques of Economics, to provide efficient solutions to the problems addressed throughout each task.

Working part time has allowed me to progress as an individual, giving me the confidence for handling key responsibilities of a working environment. I believe that this experience also provided me with independence, abilities to work within a team and keeping time-management.

Having completed the National Citizen Service programme, gave me the courage to work within an intense social environment to finalise a social action project to raise awareness for mental health. This led to campaigning in the community, which flourished my interpersonal skills, as well as giving me the determination for targeting my challenges of public speaking.

Economics begins to provide a gateway for additionally understanding the global economic community, and will allow me to explore how monetary based strategies are implemented to effect a business’s execution. The passion for further studying Economics has stemmed from trying to understand the world finance industry, as it contributes to the economy’s performance globally.

I am also interested in the implementation of strategies, which depend on the relationship between expectations of the future against current market value of firms. I believe that this course can push me into exploring vast career opportunities of working within financial services industry.

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