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Economics is like a jigsaw puzzle made of information pieces, pieces shaped by
rationality and randomness, which we put together to create a clearer picture of our world. Economics translates complex real world situations into simple models and its application can solve problems faced by an individual or the global community. It is for all these reasons and more that I love this discipline.

A career in Economics will help me contribute to the betterment of the society. The “2008 UN Peace Proposal” by Daisaku Ikeda, highlighted that economic disparity was the root cause of terrorism. I wish to pursue Development and International Economics, to understand why policies fail, when are they effective; especially in the context of poverty alleviation and income distribution. Having prepared business models based on Carbon Credits, an innovative hypothecated tax, I am intrigued by the application of Public Economics in the domain of sustainable development.

I relished the challenge of studying a rigorous course, Diploma in Economics from the University of London External System. I have been able to adapt to the UK educational format with ease and have learnt to study independently. Examining concepts from the author's perspective especially, questions in “Introduction to Economics” by A. Witztum and “Statistics” by M. Knott spurred me to tenaciously reach a level of command and active understanding of concepts. “Prisoner's Dilemma” mentioned in microeconomics piqued my curiosity into reading 'Game Theory' by Dixit and Skeath, and I am excited to discover this discipline.

My enthusiasm to learn and capacity to work hard were rewarded with the highest scores in my college, a distinction in Diploma in Economics, a letter of commendation from the University of London and a scholarship from my institute. Continuing second year,studying “Microeconomics” has required critical analysis and application of mathematics complemented with economic reasoning. Being naturally comfortable with mathematics,I wish to study Microeconomic Principles 2 and Principles of Econometrics, courses unavailable in my current degree.

While interning this summer at Royal Bank of Scotland, I worked from ideation to
implementation of reverse mortgage products. In six weeks, I prepared financial
forecasts, sales strategy and defining business processes which were in compliance with Basel II norms. Inspired by the trading models mentioned in “When Genius Failed” by Lowenstein, I developed a reverse mortgage calculator which calculated the spreads and prepared financial forecasts based on certain statistical methods and assumptions. The experience taught me that work was different from theory and yet in essence work was application of everything learnt.

Exerting myself as the vice president of the debating and cultural society, 'Peer Educator' from VIMHANS, member of Sokka Gakkai and member of 'Recession Research Team' at college, has been rewarding in terms of awards and skills. I plan to intern this summer in equity analysis as it gives me a chance to actually apply the econometrics I am learning. My long term goal is to have a key role in macroeconomic policy framing and research as an economist at the International Monetary Fund.

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This personal statement was written by ssaxena for application in 2009.

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A personal statement must reflect your passion for the discipline and highlight reasons why you stand above the rest. Its a tough balance to strike. This was my second application to LSE. I was rejected the first time. The PS by Nawaz Imam available on studential was a great source of inspiration. I applied to only LSE Economics 2nd Year undergraduate programme and was accepted.


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i love you, don't listen to that other retard guy, he is just very much jealous of you and i am just totally baffled by your amazing statement. You have done alot of research and thankfully have gotten into your university choices.

very strong start, cleverly

very strong start, cleverly put


This is bloody good, you know you've done all these interns and experiences, have you been doing them for a long time, recently started because i've also been doing things like that, but bases on Archaeology. I had to cram it in all this summer, only because i wasn't aware of how shit hot a PS had to be!


I hate you too

can i ask which universities

can i ask which universities gave you offer?


Notice how there's no mention of sport or anything that involves going outside.

impressive to say the least!

This is by far the best personal statement i've read! i like the way you began, it was reflective yet direct. Your personal statement also gave a good mature dedicated feeling to your character.

content wise this is an awful

content wise this is an awful personal statement, it is merely bragging as oppose to writing about the subject

This is by the far the best

This is by the far the best statement on the website but I'm not blown away. You clearly stuff to say so say more of it and less bull.

hi what grades did u get at

hi what grades did u get at alevel

reli clever beginning!!!

reli clever beginning!!!

very good, however, do you

very good, however, do you have a life? like...... outside?

Chances are they do have a

Chances are they do have a life outside, but saying that you love a partiular sport isn't really relevant to economics, so would make no difference.

Good PS, by the way


well done

I sux at sports ;( but I am

I sux at sports ;( but I am not a geek! In my defense I would like to highlight that I have no recent achievement in the fields of arts or sports to brag about.

Either way, I wish you all luck on your PS.




i hate you too

Very Clever Indeed!

I must say, having seen many personal statements through out these past few months, yours has been the best by far!

Very well written and cleverly constructed. Also, very technical too!


fair play its a good statement. good look and cheers for posting it for others to read. jealousy is a bad thing and these people seem to be full of it.

Tooo mucchh hate man this ps

Tooo mucchh hate man this ps is soooo goood!!!

i love you too ;)

i love you too ;)

Funny how those guys make it

Funny how those guys make it sound as if 'geek' or 'nerd' was a bad thing. Jealous much? I find it as a rather positive trait.

Well done, amazing personal

Well done, amazing personal statement


Wow, great blog post.Really looking forward to read more. Awesome.

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