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Year after year, century after century, economy evolved from trade to money, from the primary sector to the quaternary sector in modern times. I think of myself as a proper Economics student, as I have succesfully passed my course of Economy and I have a mathematical background. It is my dream to study this field at university and gain some of the neccesary knowledge I need to contribute to the solving of one of the most striking problems today, the imbalance between poverty and welfare, between developing countries and developed countries. I believe that humanity should concentrate on solving it, so that nobody will feel exiled in his own country because of small salary he or she has.

It is my strong belief that being a good businessman is not only about managing money, but also about good time organization and communication skills. Being a good manager, in my opinion, is all about group-work and socialization, skills I developed through the years I spent at high school. I gained valuable experience of how to work in a group and even some of a leader's qualities in 2007, when I was part of the first Romanian team to go to Eurofest Odyssey of the Mind. My team qualified to both Odysseys of the Mind, 2007 and 2008, participating firstly with a technical problem, and secondly with a theatre play. I was in charge of the teams, asserting myself as a leader, and also of organizing the national Romanian final.

During the summer of 2007, from June to September, my contribution as volunteer at the N.G.O “Future Romania” was the sign of a successful part of the year. There I tried to develop my organizational skills, in terms of organizing various volunteer activities. During these campaigns and projects, the “Future Romania” N.G.O, in cooperation with other N.G.O.s, carried on activities of lobbying for joining voluntary acts and actions of supporting underprivileged social categories.

Furthermore, the participation I had in the French class was rewarded, resulting the publishing of my article in a magazine for teens from Quebec. My school and a school from Quebec were involved in an exchange program, which was meant to destroy the boundaries between Romanian and Canadian students. This experience has proven to be very useful to me, as I got accustomed with the Canadian culture and habits, and in the same time the mentality of students of my age. In addition, this reinforced my decision of studying abroad, in an occidental country where I could have the chance of going to a better school.

Besides my involvement in Economics, I am also passionate about science, field that stands at the base of progress. Having an organized and analytical mind, I did not found it too difficult to have high grades in Mathematics or Biology, or even Chemistry. The reasoning skills I posses, as well as the desire to succeed keep me on track, motivates me to successfully pass through courses and exams.

Outside school, I like meeting new people, not to mention talking to my friends or going with them to the cinema. Reliability and sincerity are some of my most striking qualities, as most of the people around me consider they can rely on me. I have a keen interest in sports, as I consider that exercising is a very important part of one's life. I am a big fan and also a player of football, basketball and even volleyball. Besides these, chess, tennis and karate are an attraction for me, sports that I have practiced in primary school.

I chose to study abroad, in England, because it is my strong belief that an English university will enlarge my vision and will enhance my knowledge. I am familiar with the English system and I think I would fit just right there. Centuries of tradition and well-structured courses have led to a series of future top managers and businessmen. I believe England to be an opportunity for me to develop not only academically, but also as a person.

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This personal statement was written by B.Wiliam for application in 2009.

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This is only a scrap of my personal statement and i would like to see the comments you have for it:)


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