Economics and Finance Personal Statement Example 5

they operate. In China, my favourite TV programme is the finance programme and I enjoy international finance. I frequently worked in my mother's company to help the staff in the accounts department. All of these have given me an understanding of accounting and finance

My passion for the subject expanded when I chose accounting as part of my A-level programme. Although this subject is somewhat demanding, I find it extremely interesting. I believe this is the right choice for me. I am confident that a course in accounting and finance satisfies my interest. I am looking forward to learning more of accounting in my A-level course

In my spare time I enjoy playing basketball. I play once or twice a week with my friends. I also like to listen to music. I think that playing basketball can help me to increase the team spirit and music can help me relax. Also while I was working as a cleaner in Downing College at Cambridge University, I believe that I gained invaluable experience in dealing with the boss and trying to deliver colleague satisfaction, whilst learning to work effectively and efficiently in a well-structured team. Hopefully I will be able to get this kind of opportunity to work whilst at university. I enjoy my spare time and try to use it effectively

I consider myself to be a hard working outgoing individual. I still have some shortcomings. For example, I am a little bit disorganised sometimes. But I have known this and I am trying to correct it. I have made a timetable to organise my daily life. I am looking forward to the challenge of university life, both socially and mentally. I strongly believe that my years at university will be enjoyable and those that I will remember for the rest of my life. Most of all I am hoping that my chosen subject will give me a strong foundation for a successful career.

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i catn actually believe this

i catn actually believe this is a personal statement. intially when i saw the word ''Cambridge'', i assumed you got an offer. what universities eventually accepted you?

This PS is shocking...

This PS is shocking...


well...This question is to the guy who wrote this personal statement. What University are you in now? Kingston, Luton?

was downing college at

was downing college at cambridge for downers? cant believe this was ure ps

Someone definately done this

Someone definately done this as a joke

Next time on this site we

Next time on this site we need ONLY serious stuff not this jokes, OKAY!


┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻

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