Economics Personal Statement Example 1

Examination of any quality newspaper will probably demonstrate that more of the headlines address economic problems than any other topic.

The importance and relevance of economic related disciplines to the modern world have led me to want to pursue the study of the subject at a higher level. I am particularly interested in the behaviour of firms and organisations from an economic point of view and I have based my A-level coursework in this field.

During my study, I have come across many real life complexities and while attempting to explain these theories, I have developed a keen interest in analysing and understanding how the world of business is influenced by economics.

I have created an economics revision website for A-level and GCSE students. It is primarily intended to help younger students gain an understanding of core economic principles but has also helped me improve my own computer and presentational skills.

I regularly read newspapers and economic publications to keep up to date with economic developments and I am able to use my mathematical and analytical skills to apply different economic theories to a range of real-life economic situations.

Last year, I took part in an economics and business project called Young Enterprise in which I set up a small company and sold products to students at our school.

I enjoyed the chance to put some of my business economic theory into practice and was able to enhance my management and communication skills. I also gained a distinction in the associated exam.

To gain practical experience in the workplace, I worked for two weeks at a small software company specialising in financial software. I currently have a part time job and this has taught me much about teamwork, responsibility and time management in the workplace.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading, swimming, sketching and solving puzzles and logic problems. I have redesigned and been responsible for the maintenance of my school’s website.

I believe that I will gain a highly marketable set of skills from the study of economics at university. I have found economics to be a challenging and diverse discipline and I am interested in both macro and micro economics. It is this variation of perspective, combined with its real world importance, that makes economics an appealing subject to study at university.

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This personal statement was written by loftx for application in 2003.

loftx's university choices
Oxford University
University College London
London School of Economics

Green: offer made
Red: no offer made

Economics and maths at The University of Essex

loftx's Comments

I wrote this statement a couple of years ago, and if I had to write it again, I don't think there's much I would change.


Statement rating:****

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fair the end of

fair the end of the day a degree is a degree and essex has a very good reputation!

It says you didn't get the

It says you didn't get the grades to match UCL's offer of ABB, but it then says you got AAB, is there a typing mistake somewhere?

To the poster above - UCL

To the poster above - UCL required the A to be in maths - which I got a B in and still wouldn't accept me after i got my results.

hey. i'm applying for a

hey. i'm applying for a degree in economics to all the universities that you'd applied to. i don't understand what you said about the university of oxford. you didn't accept their offer because?

Lolz (continued)

Wtf I could've swore I was replying to an article relating to Australian Tertiary Fees!


the average fee now ranges between A$15000 to $20000. still good value though

what the hell???

my comment was not for this article, but the one comparing UK education with australian

i feel like crying!!

hey there i am applying to the exact same universities u applied to! and i feel really good cuz i seem to have made the right choice! as for my personal staement i hsould be writing it soon and i feel so overwhelmed i don't know what to do..i want to be good enough!!
if oxford accepted u then y didn't lse???

A really good ps.

A really good ps.
Why not Warwick? and what are the requirements for Essex?

Hi , i am applying for E & M

Hi , i am applying for E & M at Oxford and think you're personal statement was excellent. It wasn't too pretentious and it was straight to the point and i especially love your last sentence. What A levels did you take?

A question (please reply)

A very good PS!
I am going apply to UCL to do Economics and Stats. Do they ask for an interview and if yes what do the normally ask?
Thank you


dimon007 - UCL did ask for an "informal interview" - and very informal it was! Mostly an open day with lunch, some talks and a walk round some of the facilities and things.

The actual interview was fairly casual - just a few questions about my PS, but more enquiries than anything too probing. The interviewer did a lot of the talking and I found it difficult to get a word in. Probably pretty bad as interviews, but I got an offer so never mind!

guest on the 27th: Thanks - I've come across some rather over-the-top PSs while researching mine and was determined to make mine sound a bit more normal. I'm no longer at Essex - graduated in 2006 after 3 super years and currently work for a small company developing websites.

guest on the 9th: It might be because I administrate this site, so I can delete any comments I disagree with ;-)

One thing I should mention is the version I submitted to universities had the URL of the economics based site I created, which hopefully got my passion for the subject across when admissions tutors visited it (In both interviews I had, admissions tutors said they'd visited it, and it was the main part of my 'warm up' question at Oxford, where the tutors were fairly complimentary).

At Oxford at least, I felt the interview went pretty well - I feel it's far easier to talk passionately about something than write about it and felt I managed to show a few of the qualities they were looking for.

Feel free to ask any more questions, but this was 4 years ago so I may be a little hazy :D

what's the URL of the site u

what's the URL of the site u created? I study econmics and I was wondering if i could check it out.


I would be interested in working on your site- i am interested and considering a career in economics. Please e-mail

this piece is really good

this piece is really good actually! it shows the understanding of economics and the author has certain knowledge of it

ur mistake

You went on a bit to much about computers so u sound like ur more interested in computers than in economics.

what where your predicted

what where your predicted grades?

This is a really good PS. too

This is a really good PS. too bad u didn't get the maths grade for Oxford. i wanted to know if u got any feedback from LSE as to why u didn't get an offer??

Well presumeably he has the

Well presumeably he has the AS grades from the 3 A-levels he completed as well as the AAC, that's how you'd get an interview at Oxford, no?

we dont have economics& maths

we dont have economics& maths at Imperial

Question (Please reply!)

I was wondering could you give me the URL for your "revision website"?

How do you start a Personal

How do you start a Personal Statement. i have no idea what to write. i really hate the idea of 'selling' myself :/ .....

Sometimes I feel weird to say

Sometimes I feel weird to say about myself because I do not like to express my so much. However, this thing cannot avoid. Is there any tips to write a better personal statement.

This is a very good statement

This is a very good statement, however i'm a little confused - under the section "Ps - staying ahead of the game" where you talked an a lot about how to steer away from talking about yourself. In your statement though, I seem to see an awful lot of I's the whole way through, where you in your guideline said only to use the last paragraph for this and then use about a third to half of the statement talking about something specific within the subject (which you also haven't done). Don't get me wrong, this isn't critism, as your statement is very well written, I am just a little confused as to what is right as I am in the middle of writing my ps.

why would you choose essex

why would you choose essex over ucl omg

those were really good

those were really good experiences. i wish i had them or at least something equivalent

how did you apply to 7 unis?

how did you apply to 7 unis?


you got offers from those top unis yet you failed and got an offer from essex, i see a guy regeretting this in his future for not trying hard enough

the bad thing about this ps

the bad thing about this ps is that the person doesnt really discuss economic concepts or apply them to any specific events. its too general, people who havent even studied economics/ related subjects or have an interest in this could write this out (except for the job experience of course). more specific and in depth

I was wondering how it was

I was wondering how it was possible for you to apply to seven universities!???

You've got a face even your

You've got a face even your mother couldn't love

The set of achievements

The set of achievements presented in this is little more than a muddle of secondary school student council twazzock nonsense.

this is so good. its so much

this is so good. its so much better than mine it scares me :(

this is so good. its so much

this is so good. its so much better than mine it scares me :(

it looks a bit short though

it looks a bit short though

I was wondering, what

I was wondering, what predicted grades did you apply with to receive offers from such unis? Im a bit worried I wont get any offers from the ones I want and well yeah. Great personal statement, inspired me! Hope you reply. :)

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