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I vividly recall my 6th Christmas; our house was no longer a home. We had an office and a business. Christmas dinner was eaten in the boardroom- yet the future looked positive. By 2007 we were holidaying in Lanzarote; Dad however spent most of the time watching Bloomberg, smoking and on the phone assuring his clients that their money was safe; it was frightening. The harsh economic climate resulting from the financial crash threatened the stability of my father's company yet it was also fascinating; I knew then that this was the world in which I wanted to operate.

10 years on from the financial crisis, the economic climate is ever changing: the BRIC economies are forecast to grow even faster, populism across the globe continues to rise and the UK faces the post Brexit challenge to find new trading partners outside of Europe.Environmental issues are fundamentally growing in their importance, having a weekly subscription to The Economist enabled me to read interesting articles such as how India along with other emerging nations were taking the lead on the reduction of carbon emissions.My interest in environmental economics peaked when selected for the JP Morgan 'Think Ahead Programme'.Having been tasked to set up an Investment Bank for the year 2055, the concept of environmental preservation was at the forefront of our plan.This one week programme exposed me to the multifaceted problems faced in todays society and through teamwork we came up with an exciting range of innovative solutions. Whilst reading 'Language and Economy' by Florian Coulmas.I was intrigued to see how my Economics and German interconnected. He argues that an unequal distribution of income can stem from an unequal distribution of languages. Coulmas proposes the notion that a standard language is an economic advantage and that in a global sense, many different languages can act as a trade barrier resulting in a negative effect on businesses. Whilst I can't disagree with this as such, when reading articles on the inter-trade within the African Union, it is apparent that the biggest trade barrier in poorer societies is often a lack of technology or education, clearly the latter includes linguistic skills and my view is that a common language is not as important as having the ability to speak many languages and that therefore education is the prime cause of income inequality.

When studying in a language school in the formerly divided city of Berlin, it struck me that the UK has constructed its own wall, one which requires a new challenge post Brexit. The UK will need to maintain existing trading relationships and also forge new ones; it is my view that our priorities should be Germany the power house of Europe and Russia; a sleeping giant and the geographically closest BRIC economy.Having demonstrated high level linguistic skills, I wish to advance these by also learning to speak Russian. By doing so I hope to build a greater knowledge of european and eastern european cultures thus enabling me to build a career in line with the UK's future trading challenges.

During sixth form, I founded and as president ran our Economics and Business society; on behalf of the school I have presented to numerous groups on 'growth mindset' Outside of my academic studies, I have captained the rugby team, boxed at amateur level; skied and am a qualified scuba diver. I am a well rounded, gregarious and hard working team player. Reading about comparative statics in 'Game Theory 101' signalled to me the importance of mathematics in the field of economics. I am therefore spending my gap year studying A level mathematics to increase my quantitative awareness and to strengthen my understanding of both economics and business. Through retaking Economics I aim to achieve my expected predicted standard. I am also working for a large retailer to save funds to facilitate a trip throughout eastern Europe this summer. I look forward to taking an active role in university.

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Universities applied to:

UCL- Economics & Business with East European Studies (with a Year Abroad) (Offer)

Warwick- Economics and Modern Languages (Offer)

Warwick- International Business with German (Offer)

Warwick- Economics and German (Offer)

Manchester- Business and Management with German (Offer)


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