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Since my parents were busy with the financial income throughout my childhood, I have been raised up by my grandmother. She was the oldest of 8 siblings in a family who were living in impoverished conditions. She taught me three vital traits that should be emphasized during my life. The three traits are: integrity, responsibility and gratitude.

These three characteristics have become part of my personality at present. Because of my integrity, people tend to trust me and believe in my decisions or actions.

Furthermore I take responsibility for my own acts. With everything, I think a few steps ahead making me aware of the consequences. And at last gratitude. I have learned to be grateful towards any chance given in life. That is the reason behind my drive to give it my all. When I set a goal, I will do anything within my capabilities to accomplish it.

My interest in economics derives from my parents, who were constantly talking about it. As well as my sister and aunt, who have both completed an economical study. Still, my interest in economics consistently awakens. My last great arousal was during the summer holiday. I went on a solo trip to China.

My residency for a month was a root-seeking summer camp. During that trip, I have experienced being in an eccentric place with complete strangers. I learned to be on my own and take care of myself. There I have also witnessed the major economical differences.

I saw a country with prodigious opportunities, with immense economical developments and with admirable imminent plans. But I also saw the atrocity of this country: people were living on the streets, families were barely able to provide themselves with the basic necessities and young children were forced into gruelling labour. I asked myself: How could this be possible? I felt a desire to obtain the answer to this question. And thus, the subject for my final paper was the political and economical situation in China and its influence on the distribution of power in the world.

I am currently following a bilingual study on the highest level of the Dutch educational system. All the subjects in my first three years were completely in English. The last three years are mainly focused on IB English. I have been to England a multiple times and even visited Cambridge itself.

The authentic buildings and gracious ambience certainly made an impression. I would like to continue my study in English and undoubtedly there is no finer place than the prestigious and acknowledged University of Cambridge I am determined to complete the course economics successfully and I guarantee I will be a marvellous student.

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This personal statement was written by JimmyTang for application in 2013.

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I would like some feedback on my personal statement. Since this is my first personal statement I have written in my life and English not being my first language there must be a lot to correct.


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