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Through life's experiences, I have come to realise that the economy affects almost everything in the world. Newspapers dedicate more headlines to financial issues in comparison to other topics. This has led to the realisation that without a good stable economy the world could fall to its knees, for example, the Wall Street collapse of 1929 and the more current financial crisis which started in 2007. These factors have influenced my decision to study a finance and economics related degree in university.

I have always had a keen interest in the business environment therefore the BTEC certificate in Business combined with the Certificate and Diploma in Financial Studies I am currently studying at college has provided me with valuable insight into the world of business and finance. Studying Maths at A level alongside this course has helped to increase my understanding of financial calculations, i.e. ratios and cash flow forecasts. I was pleased to be predicted an A for my A level Maths as it reflects all my hard work and dedication. The Business course has provided me with the opportunity to broaden and increase my knowledge with regards to economic and financial issues. This was through the various assignments such as starting up and financing a small business. Through research, I identified that customer satisfaction is a key priority within business organisations. Therefore in order for
a business to be successful they need to keep their customers happy.

It is my strong personal belief that like the saying: "Knowledge is power", the road to
success lies through education, and in the financial market, knowledge about the economy and the risks involved is crucial if you want to succeed. This has led me to admire and respect successful entrepreneurs such as Sir Allen Sugar and Stelios Haji Loanu. Personally, I would like to work for an international leading bank facing different challenges whilst working in different environments. This will give me the opportunity to deal with financial decisions that will help increase corporate value whilst managing financial risks.
The desire to make my community a better place encouraged me to undertake voluntary work. My current post as a Youth Assistant worker gave me the opportunity to organise various events, with the aim of bringing the youths together. This helped to develop my team working and social skills. It was important to be able to work effectively with the other members in order for the event to be a success. In addition to this, I helped to manage the finances and ensure that our budget would cover any events or trips planned. We recently hosted a successful event called 'Black Dreams', which was aimed specifically at young black boys, and was sponsored by local government. During such events, we would socialise with the youths, something that I personally enjoyed and felt like it boosted their confidence and self-esteem. It also helped to develop valuable skills such as organisational skills and good communication skills.

During secondary school, I was actively involved in the highly recognised scheme Aim higher and I was given an award for being innovative and creative. Strong-minded, innovative, risk-taker - These are all qualities that I feel are necessary for anyone who wants to enter the financial field, especially with the world's economy as it is and are qualities that I have in abundance. In conclusion, I hope that taking this course at university will equip me with the necessary intellectual knowledge and practical skills needed when making economical or financial decisions. This will be essential for any career path within the finance and business

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Economics, Finance and Banking at Nottingham Trent University


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