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Growing up in an ever changing and volatile economic climate, I have witnessed the hardest hitting recession since the Great Depression, the growth of China and India as world financial powers and the growing importance of economics not only as a field of study but in everyday life.

To me, the study of economics is a jigsaw of theories, rational thinking and abstraction, which we piece together in our own way to envision a personal, clearer view on complex, arduous real life situations and simplifying them into concise clear ideas. The dynamic state of the global economy opens up the need for future innovation and I consider that these possibilities open up an exciting opportunity.

Studying Economics at A level has given me a foundation of core economic theories such as Marxism and Keynesian economics which I wish to develop further. Furthermore work experience in the economic and finance sector at Nottinghamshire County Council provided me with an invaluable insight in both micro and macroeconomics.

This included shadowing the finance group manager, analysing monetary forecasts and developing spreadsheet calculators based on certain statistical methods and assumptions, allowing me to put theory into practice. With the recent vote for Brexit, and the uncertainty to follow, not only for the UK economy but for the rest of the world is paradoxically an exciting and daunting prospect.

My study of Economics at has been enhanced by my passion for Maths and Chemistry as I take great satisfaction from solving problems that initially seem impossible through the use of rational and analytical skills. Undertaking an EPQ with an Economics focus has given me the opportunity to read around the subject, improving both my evaluative and research skills.

Reading The Economist informs me about contemporary affairs such as the Syrian crisis and the changing position within the EU.

I have taken part in a voluntary project in Ghana for two weeks in where I helped build an orphanage for 56 children. I felt privileged to have experienced such an eye opening and life changing trip and seeing how a developing country can be so different from our own.

Being placed in a completely different environment allows me to adapt outside of my own comfort zone and I valued meeting people in Ghana and immersing myself in their society.

The opportunity has fuelled my interest in Development Economics. Having spent many hours discussing and debating how to alleviate poverty, I am not only fascinated by the sheer number of theories but how some directly contradict each other. I particularly enjoyed reading Paul Colliers 'The Bottom Billion' which considers how countries in Africa aren't just falling behind, they're falling apart, due to poor governance, civil wars and heavy reliance on extractive industries.

In my AS year I was elected Deputy Head Boy by staff and students. This opportunity has allowed me to expand my leadership skills and take on various responsibilities, giving me valuable experience.

Last year, I was part of a team in the Young Enterprise Scheme, and I undertook the role of financial director. The business had huge success winning multiple awards such as 'best company' in Rushcliffe and ultimately came runner-up across Nottinghamshire.

The team successfully made a substantial profit, and rapidly acquired experience of running a real business understanding both sales and marketing. I have taken wide selection of extracurricular activities such as inter school debates discussing topical issues and have led several Maths workshops for primary school students. I enjoy being challenged.

I have successfully completed the Silver Duke of Edinburgh award which involved effective team work. Outside of school, sport is an integral part of my life as this motivates me to stay healthy, focused and set personal goals. I am extremely excited about the prospect of undertaking an economics degree and further deepening my understanding.

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