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Growing up in the historical city of Derby and county of Derbyshire, I am lucky enough to have been surrounded by history all my life. I was fortunate in that I was never too far from the ancient sites of Roman and Saxon settlements or the historical landscapes and houses that set the scenes for the Jane Austen classic, Pride and Prejudice. From learning about the ancient Greeks and Tudors in my local village primary school to dressing up in Victorians outfits and being caned for the schools centenary week, it's plain to see that at a young age the past, has always been present in my life.

As I got older and progressed through secondary school and now college, my interests in history have vastly expanded. Although I did not study history in college due to course content, I've always read books and watched documentaries on my preferred times in history in order to constantly expand my knowledge. My favourite book is called The Sunne In Splendour written by the noted historical author Sharon Penman in which she documents in a story the life and times of Richard III.

What I find most fascinating about this time period is the feud between the two houses of York and Lancaster and the betrayals within the house that lead to the eventual downfall of the Plantagenets and gives way to the famous Tudor dynasty that shaped Britain as we know it today. I always find myself asking 'what if'? What if Richard III was successful in the battle of Bosworth and Henry VII never succeeded him? Would we still be a catholic state? Whether it would have changed the world for better or worse, histories biggest events such as WW1&2 would never have come to be. This is one of the many reasons history captivates me, the why and how; questioning the past for better understanding of why the world is as it is today.

I find interest in every history period such as the battles and feuds for leadership in medieval Britain, the romance of the 18th century upper classes, the dark seedy underworld of the Victorian lower classes and more recently WWII, one of history's major contributors to modern politics. This course would give me the opportunity to study them all and keep me engrossed in the subject. I'm more particular in where than whom, as I'm slightly more fascinated by British history than world history, though studying this course would give me a taste in world history which inevitably impacts upon issues occurring within British history.

I feel university is definitely the right choice and the next move to make in my life. It offers me the chance to learn more about my passion and gain qualifications and at the same time experience life and independence. I feel I would be right for the course also as my willingness to learn is my biggest motivation and the essay skills I've gained from doing A-levels in Sociology, English and Media will also benefit me greatly.

I also believe I have done some of my best work in my media studies as I achieved an A in a 3,000 word assignment on the representations of prisons in the media. This is a subject I also have a keen interest in and I would very much like to go into the media as a history expert. I love to watch historical based movies and dramas and this is where I'd like to use to my degree, by going behind the scenes to bring history to life and as accurately as possible. My other career options would be archival or museum work, local government or possibly even teaching as I'm very enthusiastic about my interests and passions and would take much pride in enlightening others.

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This personal statement was written by jojokopz for application in 2009.

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Hi everyone, it took me ages to figure out what I wanted to say and how I wanted to say it and it took me several tries to come up with this so don't be put off if you can't get it right first time! I got the inspiration to complete mine from this website, so thank you everyone for posting theirs, and in return I have posted mine. It's not the best personal statement in world but it was enough to get me accepted into keele uni, which has the perfect history course content for me. I hope you find it helpful!


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