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History is the infinite path of human existence; a perpetual cycle of life itself. Our knowledge of historical accounts and events are assisted through the branches of Literature. Without this, it would be impossible to understand the concept of time and the influential presence of people from past humanities. Pursuing a course which combines History and English Literature embodies my passion and inspiration for both subjects. My motivation is fuelled bythe need to enhance my knowledge further and I believe this course will allow me to do so.

A Level History and English Literature has opened many new and exciting gateways which have enabled me to broaden my ability to understand, and absorb the ways in which both subjects interlink and coexist so naturally. Studying a wide range of famous World War One poets at A2 such as Wilfred Owen, Rupert Brooke and Siegfried Sassoon has all had a profound impact on me as literary works provide a thought-provoking insight into history itself. These lend greatly to many contextual features, as to study literature there is a pressing need to understand the frame of reference to fully appreciate each subject in its own right, which personally intrigues me. History and English Literature have both been my forte since Secondary school and my knowledge has evolved into something much more advanced, leading me to further education with the next stage being University.

In retrospect, school visits to Belgium and Ypres have all left an indelible mark on me as a person. Witnessing World War One landmarks and memorial grounds have pushed me to study the area in more detail. Visiting places such as Thiepval and Tyne Cot Memorial, Newfoundland Park and the Menin Gate have not only moved me as an individual, but this has significantly aided my intrinsic thirst for history; consequently encouraging me to study both subjects. History topics such as Tsarist Russia, Nazi Germany and the reign of Charles I have also fascinated me. English literature in its own form instinctively appeals to me as the works of Geoffrey Chaucer, Christopher Marlowe and Ernest Hemingway have given me the incentive to explore many other diverse works of literature; from times gone by to the present day. The relationship between literary works and historical context has enthralled me and I believe a Joint Degree will present me with many opportunities to express my eagerness, leading me down a fruitful path towards the future.

Studying A Level English Language has also aided my other studies as this enables me to think critically whilst allowing me to form my own explanations of literary texts and how history has shaped the present and altered the language of today's society. Language change through time, which I am currently studying, has helped me to understand historical texts and literature with more detail.

Taking a gap year will enable me to develop myself as a person, currently I am undertaking volunteer work at the British Heart Foundation which I thoroughly enjoy, allowing me to attain valuable social and interactional skills. A gap year will also allow me to enter the working world and gain a valid and productive experience, this will give me a beneficial grounding before I commit myself to University. In my spare time, I take delight in visiting many places of historical worth and in particular museums, recently I visited the British Museum for the first time which I fully enjoyed, bringing history to life in its most exquisite form. I am an avid learner who takes pleasure in reading many works from a historical point of view and those pertaining to literature, allowing me to appreciate both subjects individually. I am a dedicated worker with a strong desire to acquire knowledge; reliable and keen to achieve in all aspects of life and I expect to gain independace through this experience. The attributes I have clearly presented will hopefully persuade you to consider me for a placement at your University.

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Just to add, it isn't simply for history, i applied to do english and history which is clearly evident through my opening paragraph. Wanted to clear that up :)

that first line is too

that first line is too profound dude

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