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Every facet of history is so spectacularly different that it inspires me to read deeper into the subject. I believe it to be important to know how our history shaped the world today, so I aspire to be an individual that takes this further, especially elements that I'm longing to explore such as the effect of military history and the role of international relations. Recently, I've inherited a full set of books written by Winston Churchill that were published in 1948 which give an in depth social, economic and political insight to the First and Second World War from Churchill's analysis. I am eager to experience the use of equally unique documents and sources that would be available in a university. This is why I hope to take the opportunity of studying it at higher education. Additionally, I see the undertaking of a degree in History as a personal challenge as well as a chance to let my personality expand through new experiences and meeting people from diverse backgrounds. Upon graduating I plan on using my attained transferable skills to work in the cultural heritage sector and later on in life - embarking on a career in teaching.

The jump to AS level was tough, especially the change in the structuring of essay writing, particularly in History. With the help of tutors, throughout my first year I built upon my analytical thinking and essay writing strategies - I'd say this is one of my biggest academic accomplishments. What I found surprising was the subject that aided me most in studying History was Sociology; it suggested explanations for social trends as a result of politics, which served me well in understanding the details of political affairs in History, especially in the unification of Italy. This course fascinated me but required thorough study to debate issues contributing to the lacking sense of unity and nationalism that was holding Italy back, which largely in my opinion, was the result of parochialism. The intricate politics and consequent wars and revolutions that occurred later on in the 19th century were signs of the drive that Italy needed to eventually succeed in unification. On recent travels to Tuscany, Italy, the course was brought to life in all aspects, cultural and academic. I also have personal connections in Italy as my grandmother was an Italian war bride who moved to England. Her personal life story is a reminder of the impact historical events has had upon my own life and those of my family. This is the experience of many people whose family histories stretch overseas.

I also have many varied interests. After joining an Explorer Scout group, my confidence blossomed thanks to discovering many new and diverse skills. I soon stood for various positions: group secretary, Scouting Young Spokesperson, and finally last academic year, I successfully ran for chairman of the group - a huge position of responsibility. My job ranged from encouraging members to organize nights independently, conducting a presentation for the district's annual general meeting and simply regulating discipline. Soon after, I applied for the role as a head student at my school. After a fierce set of interviews and group activities, I was awarded the role. I

have opportunities during which I employ my debating and reasoning skills as well as the ability to sit and listen when discussing issues of school-wide importance. Furthermore, as a head student I have been called upon on numerous occasions to publicly speak for a period of time. Accomplishments I'm particularly proud of gaining from these roles are when I took charge of introducing a second-hand textbook sale and a blood donating session into our sixth form. I've proved to myself that I can balance these two leadership roles whilst studying A-levels by organizing my time efficiently - one of my best strengths. I believe learning never stops, and I intend to continue to build upon my abilities and apply them to my academic and extra-curricular activities during university.

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