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I knew that history was the subject for me from the moment that I entered Auschwitz on a school fieldtrip: seeing history, seemingly frozen in time in front of me, left such an emotional impact that I knew that I had to take it further. As a result of this trip I have decided to focus my A-level historical enquiry on how far anti-Semitism in Germany led to the Holocaust: Nazi Germany is such a controversial topic that is rife with debate and has many different interpretations surrounding the nature and origin of its anti-Semitism. I find great enjoyment in analysing evidence and having topical discussions so that I can come to my own opinion on divisive historical issues. This is why I strongly believe that a degree in history is for me.

My study of history has enhanced my understanding of my other A level subjects. For my AS English Language coursework, I wrote a piece on Anne Boleyn’s execution. This led to me reading “The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn” by Eric Ives and “Mary Boleyn: The Great and Infamous Whore” by Alison Weir which gave me a greater insight into the way in which both women have been represented by historians. I am eager at the prospect of expanding my knowledge of the Tudors at degree level. My AS politics course has given me an insight into the political history of both the Labour and Conservative parties, which has linked well with two of my A Level history units which centre on early twentieth century Britain. This has given me a great advantage in my understanding of politics and consequently I ran as a candidate in my school’s mock election in 2015. I was able to use my knowledge and conduct further research to try to relate with the students so I could gain their confidence and therefore persuade them to agree with my views.

Growing up in the North East, I have been exposed to some of the diverse historical topics that have shaped today’s society from the building of Hadrian’s Wall to the 1984 Miners’ Strike. During my work experience placements I was able to educate people on aspects of their local history: for example, during my week at outdoor museum Beamish I gave them a wider perspective on Georgian living and the impact of social class in the early nineteenth century. I also volunteered at the Discovery Museum in Newcastle where I taught children about the two world wars in general and the roles that many of their ancestors would have had in these wars. I found great enjoyment in assisting people of all ages connect with history in their own ways and through these experiences I heard stories of many people’s own history. As a result of my work shadowing at the Discovery Museum I was invited to assist with ‘The Late Shows’ at the museum, an event which involves local museums opening after normal hours. At these events there is a strong sense of excitement and interest from the general public and I felt honoured to be a part of it.

Since progressing to the Sixth Form I have been fortunate enough to be actively involved in contributing to my school’s community. I took part in a listening skills course which taught me the essential qualities need to be a good listener. This has proved useful in my role as a form prefect as I am able to listen to my class and if they have any problems they feel they can talk to me. I am also part of my school’s debating club which has helped me develop my public speaking skills and aided me in learning how to research particular topics. It has also allowed me to understand that to reach a sound judgement; you need to view things from different angles.

As a result of my education and work experience, I have developed a strong sense of perseverance and commitment, both of which I feel are necessary for succeeding at university. I am looking forward to pursuing independent learning and tailoring the course to suit my own preferences. I would like to develop the research skills that would allow me to fulfil my dream of becoming a historian.

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