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I am a determined academic individual, leading me to believe that a degree course at university should definitely be in my life plans. I have always achieved high grades and I am confident that I can continue this success at university.

At A level I have found that my main intellectual talent is that of analysis, this has lead me towards a degree involving law or history. My enthusiasm and curiosity of what the respective degree courses address has created a keen interest within me. I have aspirations to become a lawyer or an analyst.

When considering law, it is an understanding of the judiciary system and how it can effectively be placed into practise that attracts me. Equally significant to me is the notion of how law is the fundamental basis of how society operates and thereby effects a common good.

Hopefully this will also introduce me at a professional level to individuals with a similar outlook.

My attraction to history as a subject area at university is rooted principally in my fascination and enjoyment of the subject. I am encouraged almost naturally to investigate the possibility of studying history at degree level and I think there would be great merit in developing my skills in analysis further within this subject.

Because I did not study law at A level I have made significant efforts to gain additional knowledge concerning a potential degree course. In addition to a range of outside reading, I spent a day in 2008 at the well known London Law firm 'Bird and Bird'.

During the day I was introduced to the 'standard day to day duties' expected of a trainee solicitor, had meetings with two of the firm's partners and invited into a lengthy discussion with the firm's head of recruitment regarding the best routes into a career in law. The experience confirmed my interest in this career path.

Further to my experience at 'Bird and Bird', I have also gained work experience with Barclays Insurance during the summer of 2006, developing skills in communication and organisation. Furthermore I have been an employee of Woolworths for just over a year. This part-time job has allowed me to have an independent income.

I have also gained key skills in customer service and stock management. However, of perhaps more benefit to me, has been the need to successfully balance my part-time employment and my studies.

During Year 10 and 11 at high school I was a member of the school council, allowing me to improve my public speaking skills. This will benefit me in the more social side of a law career. During Year 10 I was also invited by my school to take part in the 'Aim Higher' scheme, attending a university taster weekend at Kingston University.

This weekend was extremely beneficial as it gave me my first taste of university life and the opportunity to meet and mix with a wide variety of people.

Having made my transition from high school to a different sixth form I have relished the social challenge of meeting new people and establishing myself in a new environment. Being awarded history student of the year and geography student of the term during my first year at my new sixth form emphasise to me the positive results of my change.

Outside of school I have many hobbies ranging from sports to music. I have been involved in football from a young age, helping me build a good sense of team spirit.

I regularly attend the gym around four times a week, maintaining discipline. In order to express and maintain a creative side to my life, I enjoy taking part in amateur music production and mixing music, the analysis involved in music attracts me.

I feel a degree in law or history with my ambition to go into either the world of law or that of financial analysis would be an extremely positive career path because it matches perfectly
with my academic abilities.

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This personal statement was written by j_alete for application in 2009.


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