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My years in the English and French educational systems led me to appreciate an international pedagogical approach to learning. This perspective enhanced my discovery of different civilisations and populations which, bolstered by my studies of German and Latin, deepened my long standing interests in History, Economics and Politics. Pursuing a rigorous course that combines these fields would help me to acquire a better understanding of the world, whilst I prepare for a future career in international relations, politics or the social sciences.

Inspired to write my IB Extended Essay on the relationship Iranian students and Khomeini shared leading to the Iranian Revolution of 1979, I analysed different synergies within this event. My 2018 internship experience at a bank, BNP Paribas in London, proved extremely helpful to my research. There to broaden my understanding of the financial world, I studied the Iranian stock market before and after the revolution. Fascinated by the intricate means by which economists are able to predict market movements, I was motivated to enroll in an IB Economics class.

In April 2019, I represented the United Kingdom at a debate conference during a simulation of the United Nations Security Council. The Crisis at hand pertained to the main international events taking place in 1979: the Iranian Revolution as well as the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. My knowledge of the events enabled me to optimize my role as a representative of the UK, and consider potential measures to take from a better perspective. This experience underscored the importance of the roles history and economics play within politics.
My research on Iran fueled my interest in historiography. While reading "Student Political Activism - An International Reference Handbook " edited by Philip G. Altbach, I was captivated by the socio-economic factors that define the societies we live in, as well as the recurring trends that have taken place in our pasts, such as student political dissent. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to interview the former chancellor of an Islamic university in Iran during the 1970's, Parvis Amouzegar. Leading this interview raised my awareness of the revolution as a whole and further sparked my personal interest, whilst simultaneously developing my critical thinking. I learnt the importance of acknowledging a historians background when analysing a perspective and confirmed my conviction that historians must maintain a certain distance from subjects being studied.

As a fundraiser for the NGITI association as well as Liberty in North Korea (LINK), I researched the political and economic issues each of these charities aims to combat in order to thrive. Through this charity work, I am able to develop and reflect on my own political opinions by advocating for these sensitive cases. Being an active member of my school's debate team for the past two years allowed me to further develop my analytical and speaking skills. I have since examined many international conflicts and challenges around the world, and hope to one day help shape the future through my words and actions.

Throughout my IB diploma, I have learnt to balance my education and my extra-curricular activities. Playing basketball for the past four years has improved my coordination and teamwork, and confirmed to me the importance of good strategy and planning. I have also practised rock climbing for five years, an individual sport that allows me to focus while renewing my energy. These two sports have been essential to my physical and mental well-being.

I look forward to learning a new language to enhance my studies, enabling me to gain a broader perspective of worldwide economic and political issues, as well as a wider variety of historical sources.

Subsequent to my years at university, I hope to have understood how these three disciplines intersect with each other, and what can be learnt from those interactions.

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I am an IB student living in France and have received offers from all my applications partly due to my personal statement. These are the programs I applied to:

- Durham: Combined Honours in Social Sciences (History, Economics and International Relations)
- UCL: History, Politics and Economics
- Exeter: Flexible Combined Honours (History, Economics, International relations)
- SOAS: Politics and Economics
- University of Edinburgh: History and Economics


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