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Oxbridge Application Process

Oxford and Cambridge are considered special universities by many people. As presitigious institutions, they are certainly more difficult to get into than other top universities.

Here we have put together a page on all you need to know, including links to further information, on the Oxbridge application process.

This includes writing your Oxbridge personal statement, Oxbridge deadlines, and how to prepare for your Oxbridge interview.

Personal Statements

For information and tips on writing your Oxbridge personal statement, please see our Oxbridge personal statements guide. If you still feel you need help with your statement, take a look at our personal statement critique service.

Oxbridge deadline

For all courses at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, your UCAS application must reach UCAS by the 15th October if you wish to enter the following academic year.

Remember that Oxbridge applications go far sooner than those applying for other universities so make sure to set yourself personal deadlines to get it all done in time.

It's best to have the personal statement done by the end of summer, or in the first couple of weeks of school, so that you can get a few people to read over it and give you feedback.

Essays and Tests

Each subject will have its own application process so research into this before applying, many require additional essays or tests to be sat so be in the know about what’s required for yours.

Preparation for each test can always be found online so we recommend you check out sample papers and practice questions.


Preparation for interviews begins far earlier than when you apply for Oxford as many things you have previously read or done will help you in the application process. Continue to build on this knowledge by keeping up to date with the most recent news on your subject.

While it often varies, some colleges only get in touch within the few weeks before the interview date - therefore, be prepared by continuing to read around your subject so that you aren’t rushed once you have received the letter.

Interviews for Cambridge generally only require a day of your time whilst Oxford likes its applicants to stay for a few days. Nearer the date, it’s most important to spend your time relaxing.

Brush up on a few things but try to keep calm and enjoy yourself so that you’re comfortable enough to perform your best in the interviews.

For more information and advice on Oxbridge interviews, check out our dedicated Oxbridge interviews section.