Distance Learning Degrees

Distance learning degrees really give individuals the ability to study at their own pace and fit educational development around work and home commitments.

For school leavers it can also be a route to a qualification that means staying near friends and family and avoiding student debt.

For those with disabilities it can really be a truly liberating experience.Whether career based or simply for the love of a subject a distance learning degree really offers a perfect solution for personal development.

Students can study to a flexible timetable, although it is possible to complete a course within a three year period.

For mature students it means that they can continue in a current career or work around family life.

Obviously final qualifications will increase career prospects but there are many additional benefits to taking an extended educational pathway.

Students will be able to explore new avenues of experience in their chosen field of study as well as increasing their analytical, research and written skills.

The variety of courses available spans the whole sphere of educational subject matter, from art and humanities to education and law.

With the increase in communications today, students can discuss the finer points of mathematics with fellows online or converse in a selected language with native speaker.

Of course, many will just want to explore their own area of expertise further to gain promotion at work or just to discover more about a subject they love.

Courses are often in modular form which means that students can add to their final qualification by completing 'bite sized' sections; eventually building up a number of credits towards the final degree.

With the regular submission of assignments students will get feedback from a personal tutor so there is little need to feel alone.

Work is regularly assessed allowing a student to evaluate their progress and move forward or step back and study an aspect of the course further.

Access to tutors can be either online, via the phone or at scheduled study and review sessions so that issues can be resolved in a friendly no confrontational manner.

For many students it is this very approach to learning that attracted them to a distance learning degree in the first place.

In many cases summer or residential schools and group study sessions are available for courses. These allow students to meet with others following the same course of study and offer a great chance to exchange ideas.

Although working alone is a great aid to concentration there are terrific advantages to working as part of a team; many students will make contacts that will continue beyond the completion of their degree.

Study will involve following a structured learning plan where students may receive work and text books as well as CDs and DVDs via the post.

In addition there will often be dedicated online resources and websites to help follow their selected subject. Therefore access to a reliable computer and printer is essential.

There will also be times when students will have to augment the course materials with books either purchased outright or borrowed from the local library.

Unfortunately many people can be put off by the shear cost of study. However, in many cases there is financial support available in the form of grants, student loans or scholarship programmes.

If the course is related to the work an individual does, then employers may help by contributing to fees. In addition, there are allowances for disabled students.

For those who feel that they 'just can't do it', there are foundation courses which will gently re-introduce those who have been away from education for a while back into the fold.

Distance learning degrees via foundation courses allow those with limited qualifications to proceed into higher education, without the need to revisit the 'school' room.

Distance learning degrees are now widely recognised by employers especially in the public sectors. Police, education and the civil service will all welcome qualified students.

Graduates are particularly attractive to employers as the very nature of completing a distance learning degree displays a disciplined approach to work and high self motivation; qualities that are greatly admired by prospective employers in all sectors of the workplace.

Not everyone can afford the time time to dedicate to full time study due to career family and personal limitations so it is comforting to know that since the introduction and expansion of distance learning degrees, literally tens of thousands of individuals have been able to accomplish a life time ambition.

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