STEP (Sixth Term Examination Papers)

What is STEP?

STEP is short for Sixth Term Examination Papers.

What is it used for?

Entry to mathematics

Which institutions use this test?

University of Cambridge (C05) course G100.  Some colleges may use STEP for other courses: G400, L100, H100, BCF0

University of Warwick (W20) courses G100, G103, G1NC, GL11, GV15, GG13, GGC3, G0L0, GLN0

The University of Bristol, the University of Bath, the University of Oxford, Loughborough University, King's College London, University College London and Imperial College London all encourage applicants to take the papers.

Who do I enter the test with?

Applications to take STEP should go through a school or college, in the same way as your GCE A levels. Other candidates should find an open test centre where they can sit STEP. The papers must be taken at a recognised centre.

When can I take the test?

12 June 2018 (Paper I), 18 June 2018 (Paper II) and 21 June 2018 (Paper III)

For more information: See the Cambridge Assessment STEP webpage