UKCAT (UK Clinical Aptitude Test)

What is UKCAT?

UKCAT is short for UK Clinical Aptitude Test.

What is it used for?

Entry to medical and dental schools

Which institutions use this test?

University of Aberdeen A100, A201

Cardiff University A100, A101, A104, A200, A204

University of Central Lancashire 8J68

University of Dundee A100, A104, A200, A204

University of Durham A100

University of East Anglia A100, A104

University of Edinburgh A100

University of Exeter A100

University of Glasgow A100, A200

Hull York Medical School A100

Keele University A100, A104

King's College London A100, A101, A102, A202, A205, A206

University of Leicester A100, A101

University of Manchester A104, A106, A204, A206

University of Newcastle A100, A101, A206

University of Nottingham A100, A108

Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry A100

Plymouth University A100, A206, B750

Queen Mary, University of London A100, A101, A200

Queen's University Belfast A100, A200

University of Sheffield A100, A104, A200

University of Southampton A100, A101, A102

University of St Andrews A100, A990, B900

St George's, University of London A100, A900

University of Warwick A101

Who do I enter the test with?

Online registration only, through

When is the entry deadline?

18 September 2018

When can I take the test?

2 July 2018 - 2 October 2018

How long does the test last?

2 hours

When will the results be available?

Immediately after the test

For more information: Check out the UKCAT website.