University Admissions Test Preparation

Some university courses require applicants to take an admissions test - if this happens to be the case for you, don’t worry! 

They’re generally not something you can really spend ages swotting up for, as they are designed to test what you should already know, and show the admissions tutors more about your thought processes.

However, the following tips will ensure you have the best chance possible of passing any admissions test with flying colours!

1. Research the test

Go to the website of the organisation that runs the test - they should have plenty of information about what to expect, how long it lasts, etc.

For example, the UCAT Consortium have a website dedicated to their University Clinical Aptitude Test

This tells you about the test, how to register, what’s involved, and more. Read these details carefully so you don’t end up sitting the test too late or anything.

2. Don’t study too much

As mentioned earlier, the point of most admissions tests is to assess how you think. 

Therefore, trying to cram your head with loads of facts out of textbooks isn’t going to be much use. 

Tutors are looking at your abilities, not your knowledge. 

3. Take some past papers

Find some specimen papers and sit them under the same conditions as the real thing.

Do not use a calculator or dictionary if you are not allowed to, and make sure you only allow yourself the allocated time to complete it.

4. Don’t waste your money

There are lots of companies out there claiming they can help you pass your university admissions test, but they don’t know any more than what you can find out yourself either on the internet or in books. 

You can find lots of free resources to help you get ready for the test, so don’t fork out ridiculous amounts of money when you don’t need to. 

5. Talk to previous candidates

Ask your friends if they, or anyone they know, has taken this particular admissions test before. 

If not, search the internet for student forums or any other websites where people are talking about their admissions test experience.

This way you can get a firsthand account from someone who’s already been through the process. 

6. Check the deadlines

For many of the Cambridge Assessment admissions tests, there is a registration deadline of the 15th October. This is fairly early on in the school year, so make sure you don’t miss it! 

Other tests, such as the UKCAT, require you to sit the test by early October. So check the deadlines for your test as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.