HPAT (Health Professions Admissions Test)

What is HPAT?

HPAT is short for Health Professions Admissions Test.

What is it used for?

Entry to certain medical courses at the University of Ulster.

Which institutions use this test?

University of Ulster (U20) course codes B160, B460, B632, B821, B822, B930, B985

Who do I enter the test with?

Through HPAT - www.hpat.org.uk

When is the entry deadline?

 3 January 2018

When can I take the test?

27 January 2018

How long does the test last?

3 hours

When will the results be available?

Late March 2018

For more information: HPAT website at https://hpat-ireland.acer.edu.au/