TSA (Thinking Skills Assessment Oxford Admissions Test)

What is TSA?

TSA is short for Thinking Skills Assessment.

What is it used for?

Entry to philosophy, politics and economics (PPE), economics and management (E&M), experimental psychology (EP) or psychology and philosophy

Which institutions use this test?

University of Oxford (O33) course code CV85, C830, L0V0, LN12, LQ81, L700, VQ51

Who do I enter the test with?

Through Cambridge Assessment

What is the entry deadline?

15 October 2018 (30 September 2018 for requests for modified question papers (eg Braille or enlarged))

When can I take the test?

31 October 2018

How long does the test last?

2 hours

When are the results available?

14 January 2019

For further information: Please go to the Oxford TSA webpage