MAT (Mathematics Aptitude Test)

What is MAT?

MAT is short for Mathematics Aptitude Test.

What is it used for?

Entry to mathematics or computer science, or a joint honours degree involving mathematics

Which institutions use this test?

University of Oxford (O33) course codes GG13, GV15, GG14, G400, G100, IV15

Imperial College London (I50) course codes G100, G103, G125, GG31, G104, G1F3, G102, G1G3, G1GH

Who do I enter the test with?

Most UK candidates in full-time education will be able to take the test at their own schools or colleges. Other candidates will need to find a suitable venue and a person in an appropriate position of authority to act as a contact.

When can I take the test?

31 October 2018

How long does the test last?

2.5 hours

For more information: University of Oxford admissions test index.